From Delphi 3 to Delphi 5

Whenever I start compiling one of my Delphi 3 applications in Delphi 5 I get the error message:
"Unit clauses was compiled with a different version of Consts.SDuplicateItem"
What does it mean and how can I load my Delphi 3 applications in Delphi 5?
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also for the thirdparty-components? (if you used some)
(d5-compiled units or source)
>What does it mean and how can I load my Delphi 3 applications in Delphi 5?

that means you need the source of all units,
which are not part of the shipment from delphi

compiled units from different delphi versions cannot linked mixed

meikl ;-)
rainbowsoftwareAuthor Commented:
I have got all the PAS files for my projects and I am not using compiled units from Delphi 3.
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Shot in the dark: I'd recommend to remove all DCUs for those PAS, because IIRC Delphi will not rebuild files which are not changed if DCUs are present. Also Project->Build Project might help.
good shot, w_fox
rainbowsoftwareAuthor Commented:
Yes, there was a 3rd party component. The pas file had been compiled under Delphi 5, but the search path for the dcu file was not specified.
Thanks a lot.
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