DHTML quiz/game wanted

Hi there...

need some help with DHTML code to create a small game.
Basically (at it's simplest), there will be 3 images down the left of the page...  A Fireman, A policeman, and A Doctor.  Then down the right of the page...  3 images... of the FireStation, the Hospital and the Police Station.

Now I want the images to be able to be dragged ontop of the relevant "matching image"... and when done correctly...  A big "well done" message or similar (and preferably the 2 relevant images moved off the 'playing area').  If the doctor is dragged onto the Fire Station... The "WRONG" message is displayed, and the image reset on screen for the user to try again....

Once all 3 pairs are matched up, a game over message is displayed...  

(I'm also looking for the whole thing to be timed, but this isn't as vital).

Any advice on similar sites, or even better, working examples of this type of game are required...

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ckosloskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  You are missing the ending quotes on the style attribute of the three divs (doctor, policeman, fireman).

2.Add this line after the good move alert to remove the dragEnabled attribute:

If you have any problems I can post the full code.


garyennisAuthor Commented:
OK... you're links were quite helpful and I've managed to put together a version of my game!!! (very simple mind you!)....

I need just a little bit of help to get the exact desired affect that I'm after....

You can download the files here:

What I still want it to do (but haven't been able to achieve) is the following:

1) I cant get the doOverTarget() function to work....  (don't know why..)...  The doOutTarget() works fine...

2) Once the correct person is in the correct house (you'll see what I mean)... I want the dragEnabled property on the image to be turned off (so it can't be moved any more).

That's it....
Once I get the above 2 things sorted, I'll pay out the points!! (might even increase them too!!!)...

garyennisAuthor Commented:
Many thanks!!!!
You have sorted it for me!!!

Points increased!
garyennisAuthor Commented:
Don't suppose you could also answer the question I asked at:

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