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What do i have to change in exchange 2000 to use a internet domain. Right now, every one in the place has a xxx@xxx.local email. We have bought a real domain internet domain, the MX record point to the mail server.
I'am using SBS 2000

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kevalaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into Exchange system manager
highlight the recipient policies container
on the right hand side, go to the properties of the recipient policy
then go to the email addresses tab
on the email addresses tab, make sure everyone has an SMTP address that matches the external domain..

if the external domain name is
make sure there is an SMTP entry for so the RUS can supply John Smith with an email address of
Hello All,
We are currently on an Exchange 5.5 email system.  Our company is moving to it's own email domain that will be a stand alone email domain.  Our email address will go from to  We will be migrating all of the existing emails from current email system to the new system.  Is there a way to automate the changing of the email profile or will we have to touch each machine?  We currently have over 300 users so to touch all the machines can be quite time-comsuming.
Thanks for the help (in advanced)
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