Having issues with setting up relaying in Exchange

Here is my environment.  I have a Windows 2000 Server(sp2) running Exchange 5.5 (sp4).  I have some POP users and some regular corporate users (exchange users).  The issue that I am having is that I keep on getting people taking advantage of my Exchange server to send out spam via the open relay.  I follow Microsoft's directions on how to shut that down, but my POP users can't send email after that.  They can receive, but cannot send.  I was wondering if you could help in this issue.

Thank you,

Scott Meadows
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NevaarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Outlook Express, choose Tools -> Accounts.  Select the POP3 account and Click Properties. On the Servers tab, you should have a username and password filled in.  This should be the Windows username and password.

There should be a My server requires authentication checkbox. Make sure it's checked.  Click the Settings button and make sure the Same settings as my incoming mail server.

Test this for an Outlook Express user and post results here.
I'm assuming that by following Microsoft's recommendations, you mean that on your IMS connector's Routing tab you've checked "Reroute incoming SMTP mail" and that you've fed in your domain name(s) as inbound.

Have you also clicked the Routing Restrictions button and checked the "Hosts and clients that successfully authenticate"?

Do the POP users sign on to your network (have a username and password)?
smeadowsAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have selected "Reroute incoming SMTP mail" and also put in my domain names which I am hosting.  The POP users have W2K user accounts and passwords which they are using as their POP/SMTP user accounts and passwords.

Oh and yes, I have checked the "Hosts and clients that successfully authenticate"

What am I doing incorrectly?
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Are the POP clients configured to use a server that requires authentication to send?
Are your POP clients, Outlook or Outlook Express?

Your POP clients should be set up for Outgoing server requires authentication. You can either specify a name & password or tell it to use the name & password from the incoming settings.
smeadowsAuthor Commented:
They are using both Outlook and Outlook Express.  Now I am a bit confused about setting them up for Outgoing server authentication, where do I do that?
smeadowsAuthor Commented:
This did the trick
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