Email Delivery delayed

Dear Sir,
I have a problem only in receiving email.
We have W2000 OS and Exchange 2000.
If I'm not frequently telnetting our ISP email server and use ETRN command the email will take some days to reach! Where the problem could be? Our ISP said it could be in the PIX Firewall SMTP Header configuration?

First: could you please help me in identifying the problem?
Second: Is there any way to schedule a task to automatically telnet and ETRN our ISP email server?

Thank you very much,

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geoffrynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disabling fixup on the PIX simply enables an extended set of SMTP commands.  This may or may not decrease your security.

Refer to the following for info on the SMTP connector.;en-us;Q319426
Have you tried disabling the SMTP fixup on the PIX?  In ETRN, the client server initiates the download of mail from the remote mail spooler, if you are not getting mail, it is most likely the case that the server is not ETRNing at all.  Have you configured an SMTP connector to use ETRN? Do your logs report any errors?
zsababaAuthor Commented:
What will happened If I disable the SMTP fixup on the PIX?
I don't know if SMTP connector is configured to use ETRN? How can I find out.
Where to check logs report errors?

Thank you,


zsababaAuthor Commented:
Dear Geoffryn,

I disable the SMTP fixup on the PIX and now I'm receiving the emails without delay.
SMTP connector is not configured on exchange.

Thank your very much for your help.


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