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Can we develop a system using Exchange Server 5.5 and MS-Outlook in which we can trap emails for same subject and store those mails in databases? So that we can use the whole communication from the database.
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pforemanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Even though I can program, VBA is not my thing So I can not expand my answer to cover code.
However if you look at (Outlook Access Data Transfer) It may push you in the right direction.  Slipstick is an great outlook/exchange site if you are in the trade... ;o)

Fundamentals for writing VBA for Outlook macros

Hope this helps. Maybe post another question in the area asking how to pass data from an outlook form to a Database.

Using rules in Outlook you can do an action relating to a subject line.

However what actually do you need in the Database and what do you need to do to it.
ManishRanjanAuthor Commented:
I need to store all communication for particular subject into the database. I want to provide my users a special form for the input mails. They will send mails to other user of same domain. I wanted to archeive the communication (in database) between them for a particular subject So that in future we can use those communications for reference.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

If you want to develop a quick and easy system (Without to much development) I suggest using outlook rules to send all such emails to a public folder.  Which you can then use as a communication history.  However this will mean a visit to every workstation.


Using VBA a system such as the one you want could be writen.  However this would mean using a specific 'New Email' form that would check if the subject line was 'xxx' then run a particular action. (ie:- Post the email data to a DB etc)
This could cause reduction in performance in everyday use and other problems if the user uses the standard 'New Email' form.


If you use an Intranet, setup a web based application/solution to use web based forms to send / receive emails.
ManishRanjanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the support

The first one is not possible because it is not possible to visit all the workstations.

I am thinking on the Second solution you have suggested, Please elaborate!!!

The third one:We don't want setup web based application/solution. I know it would be the easiest solution.

The answer is yes.  It will take some thought and some programming.  I'd use VFP (Visual Foxpro).

Unless you are an experinced programmer, I doubt its possible for you to get enough help from ee to do this.  Its a complicated process involving lots of little parts.

If I understand it, all of this mail is internal??

In general, Somehow you need to get all the mail into one container.  I can think of several ways.  

Either getting off the server (there are several directories where the messages are copied to in a readable text format and you could open up each file, read read it line by line and put the information in a database.

Or, creating an Outlook form that would force a bcc to a mailbox,

Or, if you were lucky enough and all of these messages were just getting sent to one mailbox and you had control of it.

If that were the case, then I'd use a mapi tool to read the mail and dump it into a dbf.  

You really need to define where your going to get to the data and once you've done that, its simply a matter of some hard work to get it done.

ManishRanjanAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the support.
I have planned the work flow. A VBA form will be developed in the Outlook for special uses only and published globally. User will have the facility to use standard as well as the special form to send their mails. I will pass a hidden value (say specialmail=True) from the new developed form. On Exchange server I will track each and every mails. If it is a special mail then I will process it. To process this mail I can wrtie a Visual basic program.


By the way the 'force a bcc to a mailbox' is really nice idea.

HDWILKINSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Several thoughts.

Send several messages from several different workstations to wherever.  Insert a unique key word in either the body or the subject of each message.  Some word that would never normally be used.

Then, go to the mail server Start/Find and scan all the drives of that server and look for the keywords inside every file.  You may find your messages in a container.

So, if you find the messages in that container, (they will all be in individual files and all in one or two places) you can then write a program that will inventory those files.  Once you inventory the files, you can write a program to scan any new files to the inventory for your subject line and take action on it.

Thats just one idea. I know that the directorys exist, and I don't remember their names or paths (but I think that they are 'archive' folders under something else. (If I had a mail server here next to me, I'd tell you in a second.)

If that doesn't work, and you choose to use an Outlook form and send the mail to a bcc your going to need to be able to read the mail into your software.  Take a look at some of the tools at  I think you might find what you need here and they are for the most part free.  (I just started using one in a program I'm doing).

I'd absoulutly use Visual Foxpro and not VBA on the collection side.


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