CreateFile on network path

This is what I am doing.

1. Open file using CreateFile API call, with parameter so that no other process can access this file and with delete parameter so that when file is closed then it is deleted automatically.

2. Then I read file data.

3. Then I close file handle.

Everything works fine if I use this application for local system, but if I use it for network then both system crashed down.

Please help me why both systems crashed down.
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I'd really like to help here but you have demonstrated the very inconsiderate habit of leaving your questions unresolved.  None of the experts here appreciate having their efforts ignored like this.

I hope you'll spend some time right now and resolve these questions.  Some are quite old.

Experts, please refrain from commenting here until  lkjhgfdsa resolve these questions:
lkjhgfdsaAuthor Commented:
Many of these questions are still unresolved. I have accepted some of these question's answers. You can check these :-).

Now please help me for this problem.
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In most cases questions remain unresolved because experts have asked you to provide more information but you did not do so.  Please provide any additional information needed.

In other cases the user just doesn't like the answer.  Tough!  Not all problems have simple solutions.

Finally, in a very few cases, there just is nobody who knows anything.  In this case you should post a 0 pt. question in the Community Support and ask a moderator to delete the question for you.
lkjhgfdsaAuthor Commented:
But what about my this question???
   do one thing first create the connection between the remote machine and then try .. i think this will help u ... just see the documentation of following API's



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