Applet doesn't display in browser (IE6)

I've just installed the J2SDK 1.4.0 and successfully got it to compile and run some examples from the Java tutorial, but now I want to get an applet to work.

It compiles without problem, but when I go to view it in IE6, it displays only a gray area that is the size specified in the <applet> tag. Why wouldn't it be loading?

I know Java is enabled and all because I could open up an applet from a tutorial I did like a year ago. Even when I take the exact same source code that was use for that working applet....if I compile it again in a different folder, then include that .class in an .html file, it displays nothing but a gray box.

(When I copy the .class file that works from the old folder to the new folder, and then open the .html file in the browser, it works, and then continues to work when I recompile the source code, but I think that's only because it uses the old .class file it has cached, because when I rename the class and all the filenames and try recompiling, it gives the same old gray rectangle.)

Also, I'm able to load all the applets I compile by using appletviewer, so it seems that the applet itself is okay. It must be something wrong with IE loading the applet? Has anyone had this problem before?

Oh, and I just tried it in Mozilla 1 and it works, so what's up with IE that it can't open my applets?

(OS: Win2000)
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yongsingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a versioning problem. A 1.4 compiled applet is not able to run in IE and Netscape, which are based on the 1.1 platform. Compile your code again with the -target option:

javac -target 1.1

This time, it should work.
Have a look in the Java console and see what the error is thats causing it to not start.
There are some new language features in 1.4. Sun doesn't want you to attempt running a 1.4 compiled code on a 1.1 VM. On Netscape, you will get a ClassFormatError. Beside compiling with the -target option, the alternative is to use the Java Plugin.
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First, you better check that you can run applets in IE6 at all
ASFAIK IE6 comes *without* Java by default.
> IE6 comes *without* Java by default.

Only on XP.

But if J2SDK is installed then there's a good chance that the plugin is installed.
>>Only on XP

Got you
And they've recently announced that it will be included in the first service pack for XP.
TylerRickAuthor Commented:
I just noticed that this question was still open, so I'm just choosing an arbitrary answer. Sorry for not doing it sooner. I don't even remember what I did that got it to work, if I did.
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