Installing POP3 Connector in Exchange 2000

I have to install POP3 connector in Exchange 2000. The folder which contains POP3 files has only 6 or 7 dll's & exe's, and no setup program, The book recd. alongwith the cd's says that it can be installed by running w2k in maintenance mode, i cannot find maintenance mode, rather i don't think there is one. Exchange Setup also doesn't provides any option for installing POP# connector.

Is their anyone whe has done this, please also let me know how can i install POP3 connector. I checked the microsoft site but couldn't find it anywhere, does anyone have a url...

I have Small Business Server 2000 set with SP1, SP2 i've not yet installed.

We have our mail server on internet and all mail accounts reside there, We need to get all these accounts configured in exchange.
All users have there local accounts in Exchange, How can I configure Exchange so that it downloads web accounts and places them in the respective local accounts. POP3 Connector helps in doing this, or are there other methods for performing this task.

Exchange has been installed and configured, it is able to recv. internal mails.

In System Manager, under Connectors folder it lists only SMTP connector.
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Wouter BoevinkMasterCommented:
The pop3 connector is either installed by the small business server setup or it's an option in the small business server setup.

I had no trouble installing nad using the pop3 connector.
ajmfazAuthor Commented:

Thanks for yr. comments... But i'm not getting this option, I checked with SBS 2000 setup, it doesn't displays, can u let me know which package installs pop3 connector, is it IIS or the OS

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Maybe I am completely misunderstanding the question, but when you install Exchange 2000 Pop3 is loaded automatically.
Wouter BoevinkMasterCommented:
It should be in your exchange setup, if I recall correctly it's not an option it's installed automaticly. You did install the small business server exchange 2000?
ajmfazAuthor Commented:
jpmarten/wboevink Thanks for yr. comments...

Exchange 2000 has not installed pop3 connector, smtp connector got installed. Can anyone tell me, where I've faltered. What is its way out.

Or Any other mothod of downloading web mail into individual local mail accounts... I just need this much to be done...
Wouter BoevinkMasterCommented:
You can always use a third party component like mail essentials from, but it should be possible to get the pop3 connector installed. I'll goto work now and will check for you.
In Exchange 2000, POP3 and IMAP4 appear under Protocols and not as Connectors.

Exchange System Manager -> Administrative Groups -> <Site> -> Servers -> <Server_Name> -> Protocols
Pop3 connector is not the pop3 protocol.  Pop3 protocol is to allow users to access their mailbox ON the exchange server via pop3.  Pop3 connector is to allow the exchange server to contact an external pop3 server, such as your ISP email server, and download your mail.  My question is, can pop3 connector be installed on a "regular" Exchange 2000 server that is not part of a SBS 2000 machine?
Is this tool available to be used with Exchange 2000 Server (non-SBS edition)?  If not is there a way to accoplish this pop3 collection?
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