ADSL modem and Router setting, HELP!!!!

Posted on 2002-07-05
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
Greetings of peace to all the experts...
Please go thru even it's long question and give suggestions/answers.. Thanks...

I have the Aztech ADSL modem 900, Broadband Router (brandname Eusso When i just use the ADSL modem alone, there is NO problem to connect to Internet. I'm subscribed to the Malaysian ISP provider with ADSL Dial Up Account (Dynamic IP). When i fix the Router with the ADSL modem, the light shows the connection  established between PC-router and router-modem.

But, i cannot connect to   internet. The message says "Error 631:The port was disconnected by the user"   although i didn't disconnect it.
I can ping the which is the default ip address for the router. The LAN Card IP address and the subnet mask is correct.

I would be grateful if you could help me to solve the problem. To connect to   Internet using the router, i have to set one of the following :  
a) Static IP Address  
b) Dynamic IP Address  
c) Dynamic IP Address with Road Runnes Session Mgmt.  
d) PPP over Ethernet  
e) PPTP  
f) Dial up.  

I have already tried setting option a),b),d) and e) but still cannot connect to Internet.    

Modem : Aztech ADSL  modem (UIS1400-A Internet Broadband SOHO Router with   4-Port Switch and Print Server )   Router : Eusso Broadband Router (  
OS : Win 98 SE. I contacted the router manufacturer but the suggestions given by the tech support didn't resolve the problem.    

Please help me to solve the problem asap. I need to solve the problem asap.
Question by:pandav
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Ok, let me see if I can help.

Your problem is that your router is not logging on to your internet service provider.  You have a connection to the router.

First, I see that you use PPPoE.  Have you disabled all the PPPoE components that were installed on your PC when you set up the Internet connection in the first place without the router?  You need to do that.  Your PC should just be running TCP/IP.  No PPPoE protocol on the net and no dial up because your using ethernet now.

Next, you can ping the router.  Can you log on to it.  Open your browser and see what happens if you type in the IP address.  By the way, thats a strange IP address for a router.  I would think it would be  Look at your manual for the password, (its probably admin).

Then, you need to configure the router.  

First, the router needs to support PPPoE.  Does it?

If it does, you are going to need to enable PPPoE on the router and enter the username and password supplied by the ISP.  

That done, it should work.

Let me know.



Author Comment

ID: 7133721
Thank you for the reply.

 I already disabled the PPPoE components . I can ping the browser as well as can login to the browser to see the router setting. The router ip address The router supports PPPoE. I already configured the router.

But, i still cannot login to the network.

thanks again.
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Accepted Solution

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When you have the router configuration up in your browser, it should say if its connected, or its not.

What does it say?

On Windows98 goto Start/Run and enter WINIPCFG or from NT/2000 Start/Run/Command IPCONFIG.  Is the router IP address shown as the Gateway address.  Is there DNS information? being pass through from the router to the workstations.

If the router is not connected - then either you have a bad username and password (which would disconnect you) or the router isn't supporting PPPoE correctly, or maybe the timeout is not set to 0.

Let me know

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Expert Comment

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pandav - did you get your problem solved??

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Just double checking something,

should the ADSL Modem should be in the uplink OR in one of the ethernet ports?


Author Comment

ID: 7217174
Thank you everyone for giving me guidance/suggestion to solve the problem.

When the router configuration is up in the browser, it says "connected".

The thing you mentioned is correct"router isn't supporting PPPoE correctly". I contacted the vendor and the support team claims that it can work fine in other countries for PPPoE. But, the router NOT working properly in Malaysia (where i'm staying). The support team didn't say why it could not work in Malaysia.

The support team gave the bios flash to fix the problem after about 2 weeks. After the bios flash, i could connect to internet.

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Expert Comment

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Glad to here it.  I've found that even here in NYC, installing a BIOS upgrade helped with my PPPoE connection.  Check their web site every couple of months to see if they have newer versions and upgrade your firmware.

As to the uplink port.  Any two hub like devices need to be crossed over.  You either use the uplink port (should have an X for crossed over) or you use a cross over cable in a regular port.  Uplink port just crosses over the wires the same way a crossover wire would.


Expert Comment

ID: 7219429
I know what the uplink does ^^ Wondering if Cable modems use cross-over or normal cables.
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Expert Comment

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Any two hub, routers, or devices like that connected together must be crossed.  A cable modem is a router.

The crossover link may be built in as an option for you to use, or not.  

The output from the cable modem is a normal ethernet port.  It is designed to connect directly to a PC.

If the output from the cable modem goes into a hub or a router, it needs to get crossed and whatever it goes into will have the cross over option or it won't (in which case the cable needs to be a crossover cable).

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