Outlook Express freezes the computer while sending mail.

Posted on 2002-07-05
Last Modified: 2008-03-06
While sending mail in Outlook Express the computer appears to lock up, including the mouse, for a minute or more depending on the file size. Mail is sent ok, and the computer recovers, but it is annoying.

It didn't use to do it. Could it be related to the number of messages in my inbox (750)?

450 mhz PII
256M RAM
multiple 40G UW SCSI II drives
Win 98 SE

Question by:DaleJohnston
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First suggestion.  Clean out the inbox.  That is a large number of email to keep around.  If it is truly necessary to keep it, create a saved items folder and move the items there.
Next suggestion.  Do a repair on Internet Explorer.  This will also repair OE.
I believe the first will solve this, though.
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by:Asta Cu
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What version of IE/OE are you running?  I totally agree with slink9 on the impact of too many items.  I choose to create a lot of sub-folders in my Personal Folder listing by logical categories that work for me to move INBOX items there by category.  Helps me keep huge volumes somewhat in control.  Do you ever archive old files?  Is WindowsUpdate current with fixes/patches?
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by:Asta Cu
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I'm running IE/OE version 6; and encountered a couple of roadblocks, defined here:;en-us;Q296517
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by:Asta Cu
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The reason I asked about archive is this ( a problem I had experienced) :;en-us;Q186134

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Hi All,

Thanks for your responses.

I first created a "saved" folder and put all my important messages in there. Unfortunately it does the same thing.

I'm using version 6.0.26

I tried repairing IE but I get a message that it can't be repaired, and to reload Windows. I had a virus about 6 months ago that mangled my registry. I had 5 at the time so I upgraded to 6, thinking the registry keys would be updated as any decent program would. As it turns out 6 doesn't update any old keys, so these problems persisted. These people at MS are real geniuses I'll tell you.

I don't want to have to reload 80G of stuff, any ideas?


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A virus presence is a nice thing to know about.  You are probably seeing residual damage from the virus.  The best way to clear this up is to:
download a boot floppy from
Do a full backup of your hard drive(s)
boot from the boot disk
FDISK and remove all partitions
Recreate the partition(s)
format the partition(s)
reinstall 98 from scratch
reinstall all programs that are currently in use
restore all data
virus scan with a fresh virus signature

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Have you tried a shutdown and reboot holding CTRL to try and fix the registry?

Shutdown, leave off 2-3 minutes, reboot holding CTRL, select MS DOS Prompt, navigate to your windows\command directory and try:

Are IE and OE the same versions?  What was the nature of the infection, and are you confident you eradicated it?

I've had degrees of success, using WindowsUpdate to show installed components, and in that process (after backing up mail and contact folders to disk), to use the WindowsUpdate process to uninstall and reinstall IE and OE.

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Hello DaleJohnston@id

this question is open for more then 2 months
time to clean up
if not stated otherwise

my recom will be
-points split ,slink9,astaec
-this will be finalized by an EE Moderator
-with no further update (26.10.2002)


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Question has been closed as per recommendation

slink9 points for you here >

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