Cable modem problem

hi, there, anyone use cable modem service and setup a small Lan in home??
there are four pc in my home, in order to let all able to access internet, i install two network card in on pc and use one switch to connect the other three pc.
now the problem is after i install nortonfirewall in the 'server', the other three pc can not surf net, how to solve that, thx.
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ComplyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to setup Norton to allow each machine to access it. Get each machines [IP address and Subnet] add it to Nortons internet Zone Control table. Use the network address box.

To get the client machines address 95/98 machines click start-run-type winipcfg-look at the IP&Subnet.

On a NT or XP machine open a DOS window and type CD\ hit enter. Type ipconfig look at the IP & Subnet
Asta CuCommented:
Has this helped you or is more needed?
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
phiton, depending on loacations of the other three PC's, a Cable/DSL router will give you a single static address for each PC.  I am using the BESFR41 Linksys Router on my PC, if your PC's are in different rooms with out Cat 5 cabling, you can get an 802.11b router, some with print servers built in, it also comes with a built in firewall, although, I also prefer a software firewall as added security.

Other similar devices are:

Those five are probably the best all around routers, and Access Points.
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phitonAuthor Commented:
hi, thx to all of you, i am still trying comply 's suggestion. once i got result, i will post out..thx..
Asta CuCommented:
I chose to use another route, installed Network cards in each and purchased a Sybase Router to share the DSL line, love it (use an external Westell Wirespeed modem).
":0) Asta
Whit the setup he has it will work fine. He has to define his firewall ports and IP's in Nortons.
Sounds like a lot of work to me.  I'm using Zone Alarm on every PC in my LAN, and there is no need for any I/P or subnet configuring at all.  Each PC has IPX, Netbeui and TCP using client for m/s networks, and the LAN setting for Zone Alarm is set to low security on everything.  After that, I just install ICS on the PC with the internet connection, and there is no need to configure that in any way - you just turn it on. I did NOT use that crap ICS wizard - all that was required was a tick next to ICS via 'add-programs' in the control panel.
why you need firewall on computer if you using a hub in the first place?  last i checked the hub is a physical firewall. at least mine is. i use zonealarm, just because of the feature it has that lets you know what programs are trying to access internet.  i use a linksus hub, dont use network cards since my computers have usb network gear allready installed on them. this was my first network. have one computer in den, other in kids bedroom,  took me 20 min to set it all up, has worked fine no problems.  just plugged the usb from cable modem into hub, and ran cable to each pc. ran internet connection wizard in xp, on both computers and was online.  then i ran file and print share wizard, and i can access files each computer, and print to one printer. not a it expert. but i have learned in life, the experts usually are wrong. they try to make things more complicated than they should be. i guess they think if they get all technical it makes them look smarter.  but if they were so smart, why they doing what they doing in the first place, instead of running there own computer companies
A Hub is not a firewall! All it does is share the same banswidth across the network. It can be managed about it. Hummm, No network cards, How does that one work, I quess I could manualy insert my MAC Address? Zone Alarm is a application firewall last I looked.

You have no clue what you just posted, seal183. Not one hint to the answer to phiton's problem. Great help!


wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
seal183, What color is the sky in your world.  Did you post that crap so you would look intellegent, and then flame everone in a 183 Topics Areas.  I would strongly suggest that if you have nothing intellegent to say, then don't post. This site has over 80,000 Experts, and we do it in relation with our real jobs.  We do it for free to help people solve their problems, because we care.

20 Minutes, huh? To Network 4 PC's, is the wiring on the floor running between rooms, if you had to drill one hole only to run a wire through it, 20 minutes isn't enough time.  No one makes a hub for the simple LAN that contains a firewall, unless you are thinking about a Router.  Please post the model number and Brand of your "Hub" and the type of Lan connections you are using.

Are you using 10/100 fast ethernet NIC's on each PC?  What type of wire did you run to each PC?  So all Experts are wrong, and that we make it sound too complicated that it is.

Okay, I have a question that is so easy, my 7 year old can do it.  How do you install two different Operating Systems on the same HDD (Hard Disk Drive to you), and do you have the change the jumpers on the Hard Drive, yes or no.  NO fair looking it up!  What is tthe difference between USB 1.1 and 2.0? And which one of those did you use on your pseudo network.

I have 3180 people at our Home Office, 1825 have computers, all on a network.  Would it take an Expert to do this?

Please do not infer that we are less than professionals, and please do not imply we are stupid.
ok i never claimed to be a nt expert, i just know from own personnel observations. i dont have a network card, my computers have usb network connections on the motherboard.  i bought a linksys usb 10/1000 hub.  i have windows xp pro on both computers. i hooked cable modem into the hub, connected both computers, ran the network wizard in winxp and was connected.  i have since upgraded to a wireless network, and i did then have to install the wireless recievers into each computer. i do tech support for road runner. we get alot of calls from customers that were hooked up wrong by so called professionals.  there are alot of people out there that get that nt certificate and think they god's gift to computers. as far as your question on usb 1 and 2,  all i know is they diffrent connections.  and i run two systems on my computer, but i have two hard drives. with a sytem on each one. do i know how they work no.  i pay people to do that for me.  but as a person that does tech support for a cable isp, i think i am as much an expert as anyone to give advise.  i've learned while giving tech advice to customers to help solve their problems, that you have to ask the right questions to get to the problem.  just i cant get it to work, doesnt do it.  and i have seen alot of questions on here, that looked like some of the problems i have ran into.  
You posted your answer as the fix! You should have posted a comment, Unless you are hands down 100% sure.

I'm not trying to be picky here. But you do have a NIC card. It's just built-in to the Mother Board. All box's need NIC's. The reason? Each NIC has it's own MAC Address. No two cards are the same. All this runs at the Lower four layers. Without this TCP/IP has know idea which machine to forward mail or anything else to.

Remember the saying, All People Seem To Need Data Ports.

Free lesson for the day.
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I think I have spoken to this guy before on the tech support line. he is what is known as a level one tech, and to get a level one tech job you must be able to BS your time away until a real tech can solve the problem. Most people here do not call others stupid until they prove themself stupid but posting a comment stating they know nothing about computers but that does not stop them from working as a tech support rep. Good lord how did this site survive until he came along.

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