GUI does not response when download

I have one application which is to download file from web.
But when it runs, the GUI sometime look like freeze and no response to my mouse click.
Even if I add some code such as application.processmessage
it is still same as above.

Can any one help me?
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CynnaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
wangzheng ,

> How can I move my codes into a thread?
> Because I know little about thread.

Threads can make your head hurt if you don't understand them and trying to implement them ;). I really suggest you take some time to learn about multithreading, and then get back to your project.
These are some online resources that should help enough to get you started:

* Multithreading - The Delphi Way :  <--- A MUST!

* Delphi threading by example:,1410,22411,00.html

* Better Threads For The VCL

>In the maim thread, I have used some VCL components, can I also use them in a thread?

Principally yes, but this is not a good practice. It *will* get you in trouble sooner or later.
You should always try to design your code so that the VCL operations stays separated in a main thread, and "real" processing is performed in your threads.

You'll have to provide more info...

Where did you put Application.Processmessage?
Is the download processed from the main thread?

Please post code example (how do you call your download
function, how does the download function looks like....)

hi Wang

I think you may use a thread to download, or if you use indy, it provide an anti-fraz stuff.

Best Regards
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herr_apfelschnittConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to put the downloading code in a seperate thread. If you put it in the main VCL thread, messages can't be processed until the download is finished (if the download happens synchroneously, and that's what it looks like. if not, then this is totally useless :D ). Could you tell us HOW your program downloads the file(s)?

For more information on threads in Delphi:

Just do "New..." (at least in Delphi 3) and make a new thread object. Put the downloading code in the Execute procedure.

Btw: To cynna, I tried Application.ProcessMessages a few times, and it allows you to click buttons, but those clicks weren't actually processed (no OnClick etc. procedures executed). What does ProcessMessages actually do?

Hope this helps,
to herr_apfelschnitt :

if the code like this:

while ... do begin

the application.processmessages alow you click the button, but the OnClick event would not execute imediatly, but it would execute until the next time (or next few times) application.processmessages excuted.

> ... and it allows you to click buttons, but those clicks weren't actually processed....

Your loop code didn't got around to the ProcessMessages line.
Take a look at chengjian post.

> What does ProcessMessages actually do?

Well, exactly what its name suggests :) - it makes the main VCL thread stop for a moment, take whatever message it has in a message queue, and fire a proper event for it.
Event handler code is then executed, and after it's finished, the lines after ProcessMessages are continued to be executed.
I think I did put it within the loop. But I guess I probably screwed up somewhere (as I tend to do quite often :D )
wangzhengAuthor Commented:
How can I move my codes into a thread?
Because I know little about thread.
In the maim thread, I have used some VCL components, can I also use them in a thread?

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