CGI App: Add cookie to another Domain

I want to add a cookie to appear at another domain.

Here is my code so far, not sure why it doesn't work, but the cookies don't appear at the new domain.

// Add cookie to current domain. THIS WORKS FINE!
with Response.Cookies.Add do begin
  Name := 'Product';
  Value := '1'
  Expires := Now + 1;
  Path := '/';

// Add the same cookie to another domain.
with Response.Cookies.Add do begin
  Name := 'Product';
  Value := '1'
  Expires := Now + 1;
  Path := '/path/';
  Domain := '';

Any help would be great. Thanks
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I don't think that you can read or set cookies of another domain, if that is possible then you can read and set, hotmail cookies, then there will not be security in cookies.

I think Domain property mean the domain that you are registering, for example if you have two domain names for your web server such as and, you can set the cookies only for users who use to access your computer or vice versa.


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cjclaytonAuthor Commented:
That was my guess too - once thinking about it a bit more!
Thanks for your help.

Do you know if should I allocated the points to you or delete my questions altogether?

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You should assign him the points, because he gave you the answer, regardless of the fact it was negative.

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Not following up on your questions after receiving several possible answers is a good way to have experts ignoring you on your next question. Please understand - taking time for commenting or even answering ones question, and then not receiving any response is very iritating.
Please try to avoid this pattern of behaviour, thanks.
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