Can't get frames to do what I want!


I need the following:
Full screen broken into this:

divided into half Rows- 50%, 50% we will call main1(top half), main2(bottom half)

main2 will stay like this

main1 divided up into 3 cols 60%, 15%, 25% we will call these sub1, sub2 sub3.

I have no problems getting to this point. I need sub3 divided farther. Need it to be divided in 3 rows at 33%, 33%, 33%. I hope you can understand this. Thanks...

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I has to add up to 100% or the browser will allocate the space on its own, and not all browsers will do it the same.

The best way is to use rows="33%, 33%, *"

However any design that needs that may frames to implement probably hs other problems that will create cross-browser inconsistencies anyway.


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that's way to many frames...

what is the problem you are having?

you claim you have had no problem getting to a certain point.

post your code, and we can modify for you.  NO NEED for us to recode what you already have, right?

bneumanAuthor Commented:

Changed layout of webpage, don't need that many frames now. I ended up doing this;

<FRAMESET ROWS="46%, 54%" BORDER="0">
<FRAMESET COLS="28, 20, 24, 28" frameborder="0" border="3" framespacing="0">
   <FRAME name="selections" SRC="selections.html" MARGINHEIGHT="2" MARGINWIDTH="10" scrolling=no>
   <FRAME SRC="count.asp" MARGINHEIGHT="5" MARGINWIDTH="20" scrolling=no>
   <FRAME SRC="subframe3.html" MARGINHEIGHT="10" MARGINWIDTH="5" scrolling=no>
   <FRAME SRC="pick.asp" MARGINHEIGHT="35" MARGINWIDTH="0" scrolling=no>
   <FRAME name="viewrecords" SRC="viewrecords.asp" MARGINHEIGHT="0">

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so you still need additional help, or you are all set now?

if you are all set, we didn't really help here, feel free to ask for a refund in CS (link on the left).

I agree with Cd&'s comment above however, the last value in your frameset should always be "*"

bneumanAuthor Commented:
all set, thanks

bneumanAuthor Commented:
too much of a hassel to get points refunded. since Coboldinosaur answered first he gets the points.

That's even better, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.  :-)
Glad you got it work out.  Thanks for the A. :^)

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