JS Or Sevlet Or JavaBean

Hi all,

I am having a problem on choosing a right programs to perform my business logic. I don't know either use JSP or Java Beab or servlet to code my program.

For my u understanding, so far I am holding a concept to choose my program. That's, when I need to perform some application logic or calculation, then I will used Servlet to perform that function. When I need user to enter some input or want to have user interaction,then I will choose jsp. aND For JavaBean, I will only use it when I want to connect to database.

Am I right? Please correct me if I am wrong and please add-on other ideas which you think it's right.

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cheekycjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your assumption is pretty much what most people use.

Some more info on MVC:

http://www.iplanet.ne.jp/developers/ias-samples/jps1.1.1/docs/patterns/MVC.html [has jsp/servlets in its explanation]

what it comes down to is this:

javabeans == Model
   This is what you will to represent objects/data etc from various resources like the Database, xml, etc.  You can write your jdbc/transaction code at this level (that is your choice) or implement a Data Access Object Design Pattern.  JavaBeans is a poor choice of terminology it is more a value bean or a simple object that stores values.

servlet = Controller
   This is where all your business logic/functionality resides (some even put jdbc code here but I prefer it in the Model level where I have separate transaction code)

jsp = View
   the Servlets/controller will pass objects (javabeans/model) to your jsp/view and it will have the display logic in it.

This is the ideal way of separating display from functionality so it makes code maintenance and management easier.

JSP - use this for user interaction and dynamic contents

Servlets - serverside authentication, database etc...

Bean - u can use it or database, for ur business logic, etc...

hope this helps...
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Based on J2EE and Best-Practices with Struts, you might want to perform your business logic in a "Business Delegate" that your servlet calls.  This BD can then be used to talk to whatever persistence mechanism you choose to use.

If you're using EJBs, you might just call the EJB and pass your view layer's values to a Session Bean.  The Business Delegate creates a nice layer of abstraction and can be used by Swing clients, command-line clients, or by Servlet clients.

However, if you're just creating a web app and never have plans for having anything other than a servlet as a client, you can do this in your servlet - it will save you time.

Struts is a great MVC architecture.  If you're writing servlets, beans and JSPs, you're almost a fool not to use it ;)  http://jakarta.apache.org/struts.
foongkim1Author Commented:
cheekycj, thanks for suggesting me the url. And I am really appreciate your help for another time. I will check around in that web-sites.

mraible, basically I am totaly don't undertstand what u said. I don;t know EJB, Session Bean ether. Anyway, I will go to have a look on the struts u explained here. TQ.

But, cheekycj and mraible, is that my assumption on Servlet, JSP and javaBean correct?
foongkim1Author Commented:
cheekycj, thanks for your information. I found it very usefull for me. Now I am confidence to tell my department that my view on choosing which typeof Java language. Thank you very much.

mraible, the web-sites u provide is not available. Please take note of that. TQ.

The website is available, but EE added a period onto the link, try this:

foongkim1Author Commented:
Yes. Thank you mraible.

by the way, I just post another question regarding Java. "Integer passing with Java". Mind to have a look. Maybe you can help.

Glad I could help and Thanx for the "A".

Good Luck,
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