how to host website on win2k?

my problem shouldn't be very difficult to answer for u guyz.

i have developed a website and want to configure it on a local win2k server first, so that it could be tested by other users, before it actually goes online.  right now i have put the root folder (let's call it "mywebsite") in c:\inetpub\wwwroot and using http://localhost/mywebsite.
but now i want it to host it as a separate website and map it with some IP address, hostheader name and all that stuff.  i surfed internet for this and got some instructions but somehow it didn't work. if someone out there could plz tell me , how do i do it, from scratch.

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mikecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your host header is not going to work because it has to be mapped in DNS. If you right click on the website that you created and click on the Advanced button under the Web Site tab, you can go in and give it This will be your host header. Next, you need to install the DNS service on your server, if you don't already have it installed, and you will create a forward lookup zone with a name that you make up like, or whatever the name of your website will be, without the www. Next, right click on the zone you created and choose New Host from the menu. Here you will put www and below add the IP address of Next click on okay and you can also check the box to create a pointer record if you wish but this is not necessary. Once you have this all set up, go in and restart the DNS service to be on the safe side. Next, go to a DOS prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns to flush the local DNS cache. Now, as long as you have your website running, you should be able to go into your browser and type and it should load your site. Keep in mind that the last portion of the DNS name,, needs to be the exact name of the zone that you created in DNS.
After going to properties of the default website, or whatever you have choosen, click the advanced button.

Here you can assign multiple identities for your website.

You can just use the servers ip address('s), and map different url's to it, (them)

What have you tried so far?

sandeeptyagiAuthor Commented:
well. i right clicked on my server's name in IIS , then new website, and gave in IP address field. set the path  and followed all other instructions. after that i right clicked on the website and in properties and gave it a host name . but when i go to browse it, it says "page can't be displayed" or if i keep changes here and there it says "no web site is configured at this address".

i have tried to use it by that host header name and IP address too. no result. i have even stopped my default website and used port 80 with my site. but result is the same.

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rawlingCommented: is the servers IP?
You may want to start with just leaving the "All Unassigned" setting and getting it to work with a single ip and host headers first.
sandeeptyagiAuthor Commented:
my server's IP is  

i went to TCP/IP settings and added this new IP ( from there.

and yes. i don't have any problems even if i can access my website by some host header.  i pinged this new IP. and it is working fine. but i am ready to forget IP thing for time being provided my hostheader starts working. that i can always do later. can u suggest me what do i do for only hostheader?

sandeeptyagiAuthor Commented:
thanx mikecr

i followed ur instructions and it is working perfectly alright now. the only problem remained is i can't debug. it says "unable to start debugging on webserver.. make sure u r member of debugger users". now i don't think it has got anything to do with permissions , because i could debug my project in its previous location. what i feel is , there was some setting in "default website" that my subfolder was inheriting. and now i have to explicitly set it because now it is directly under webserver. just to tell u that i have got web.config file in the root folder and it has got that entry "debug = true".

i am accepting ur comment as an answer, as u have solved my problem. but plz see to it if  u could plz help me with debugger thing also.

thanx again
sandeeptyagiAuthor Commented:
well.. well.. well.. it is a bug .

i visited this page;en-us;Q319842

and changed my IE security setting for Intenet region. and debugging has started.

Good job! If there is anything else that we can help you with, please stop back.
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