multithread in VB6.0

How do I create multithread in vb6.0 ?
Let say, I need two threads to run and increment from
1 to 100000. Each incremet should display on the textbox.
Thread1 will be displayed on text1, and thread2 will be
displayed on text2.
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Microsoft changed the threading model in VB 6 so that you cannot call the CreateThread API.  You have 3 or 4 choices:

You can develop under VB 5 which will allow you to use the CreateThread API.

You can develop under VB.NET which I think supports multi-threading.

You can download a multi-threading Active-X control developed in C or C++ (which do support multi-threading threading models).  I know that there are some available for a fee, but I don't know of any freeware controls.

You can try to implement the "poor man's multi-threading" which involves using timer controls.  An example of this would be to set two timer controls on your form.  Set the interval of each to 1 but set the enabled to false.  In each Timer's Timer_Event, put the following code:

Static lCount as long

  lCount = lCount + 1
  if lCount = 100000 then
     Timer1.Enabled = false ' mention timer2 for the second timer
     Text1.Text = CStr(lCount) ' mention text2 for the second timer
  End if

Then, under the button that kicks off the process just say:

timer1.enabled = True
Timer2.Enabled = True
Actually, if you want to be able to click the button more than once you'd need to do:

if lCount = 100000 then
    lCount = 0
    Timer1.Enabled = false ' mention timer2 for the second timer
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j_scriptAuthor Commented:
I don't want to use Timer. I did try to do it in VB.Net,
sometime, the threads just stop for no reason.
j_scriptAuthor Commented:
I don't think is a stable tool.
j_scriptAuthor Commented:

I have downloaded the link you provided and ran it in vb6
and it worked.

I thought thread only works in vb5. Why it still work in
vb6 ?
I downloaded it too, and it worked.  Surprising, as another example that I had a while back using the same APIs crashed.  I was on Windows 2000 testing the other project and Windows NT4 testing this one.  That could be one difference.  

Also, In my other example that didn't work, I might have been using callbacks, meaning that when a thread finishes processing, it calls back to the main thread to let it know that the thread is done.  In this test project, the threads run indefinitly until they are stopped.

Make sure to test from the compiled EXE.  I was always able to run my other code through the VB IDE, but as soon as I compiled it to EXE, then it would crash on start up.
Oh, and also, I'm pretty sure that the thread priorities wont work on any system newer than Windows 95.
j_scriptAuthor Commented:
How do I really know the thread is terminated ?
In the clsThreading.cls module, take a look at the TerminateCurrentThread function. This function uses the TerminateThread function:-

Call TerminateThread(mThreadHandle, ByVal 0&)

TerminateThread returns a nonzero value, on success.
If the function fails, the return value is zero.
So you could replace the above statement by this

Dim iRetVal as Integer

iRetVal = TerminateThread(mThreadHandle, ByVal 0&)

If iRetVal = 0 then
  '-- Error
  '-- The thread has really terminated
End If
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