Restart of Scandisk

I recently performed a thorough option scan on the C: drive of a 333 Mhz e-machine, Win98se, 4Gig HD.
After so long, the blue progress indicator bar went to zero, scandisk returned to scanning files and then seemed to pick up where it had left off !! It did this probably 4-5 times and the scan was complete.
Is this normal?
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hewittgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have had somethings running in the backround.  Next time try ctrl-alt-del and stop everything but systray and explorer.  Rerun it and see if it does it again.  Also try running in safe mode.  

It did not come up with errors did it?

scandisk like defrag will simply keep restarting if you dont kill most or all other apps which are running in the background.......fortunately it'll generally restart where it left off.......
It is wasy to do it from safe mode, a lof faster.

Try it next time. to boot up in safe mode (trun on the PC,
and hold down the <Ctrl> key for a few seconds), and run it.
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Do you still have your Screensaver on????
There also may by TSR Programs running in the background , such as your Anti-Virus Program(s).

Before you start your defrag try turning off any of your power/disk saver options/screen savers and virus scan programs ,you should , also, close up all but the essential programs before you run Scan Disk, Defrag and Install any Program:

Whenever, you are installing software, running scandisk or defrag, you should close all running programs except for "systray" and "explorer." YOu can do this by the three finger salute, "Control", "Alt" and "Delete" to bring up the "Close Box" that shows all programs running and click "End Task: on each one individually , except for “systray and explorer, or you can download and install "End It all" which will do the same thing:

An easier way to close down all the non-essentail programs when you are going to run Scan Disk, Defrag and install a new program is "End It All".

EndItAll lets you terminate all non-essential programs for the purpose of installing new software, running finicky games, or writing to CD-Rs that need a big buffer. The essential system programs Explorer and Systray cannot be terminated. EndItAll's main window presents a list of running processes. You can protect any process in the list from termination. EndItAll was written by Neil J. Rubenking, and first appeared on the PC Magazine Web site August 1, 1999.

[langalist] 2000-08-28 (2000-Aug-28)

Asked And Answered

Every once in a while, serendipity strikes and a pair of reader emails
arrive in quick succession where one mail answers the question posed by
another, even though neither writer knows of the other.

It happened recently when Millard Cohen wrote to ask:

Just about all software installations and many system
modifications require that all applications be closed. I know
this is done via the Close Program box but wondered if there is
a batch file that will close all programs (with the exception of
Explorer and Systray). This would eliminate having to
(repeatedly) CTRL-ALT-DEL, Click for each program since I can't
do a Select All.

Shortly thereafter, this letter arrived from reader George McLellan:

I Dl'd your batch file and used "Enditall" to close everything
except Explorer and Sytray. I then executed your Cleanup
program. After execution, I checked my Temp folder --it was
clean as a whistle.... --Thanks.

I'd never heard of "EndItAll," so I went looking and found it on the PC
Mag site at,,0011NB,.html

It's a nice--- and free--- way to shut down just what you want, even
among background apps.

Thanks, Millard and George--- and serendipity!

EndItAll 2: A True Killer App,,s%3D1478%26a%3D13909,00.asp

Some people prefer End It  All1 and it may still be at this site:

EndItAll 1,,s%3D1478%26a%3D24462,00.asp

You could also run Defrag and Scan Disk in Safe Mode.
 The most common manner to start your
system in Safe Mode is to retart your computer
and hold down Control after your computer completes
the POST (poweron self test) but before you see
the Starting Windows message, and choose Safe Mode
from the Start Up Menu or there may be a boot menu that you are shown on Start Up or Re-booting.
there are at least three additional methods you can
use which are all detailed at Microsoft Support
site under article ID Q180902.


To figure out what program is causing this, first try disabling your screensaver.  If that doesn't help, you can try exiting out of all your programs (especially web browsers and mail) including items in the start menu tray.  If that doesn't help, try using msconfig and disable your startup items one by one (not including the items you already tried exiting from the start menu tray).
Microsoft's Find Fast (included with MS Office) and Norton System Doctor (included with Norton Utilities and SystemWorks) are also common causes in messing up defrag and scandisk.
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Yup! To the proposed answer:>) yuzh gave what Microsoft recommends in running this and that is in safemode. When you boot up hold F8 down and select option 3 and then hit enter, this will run without loading your realmode drivers and allow scandisk and defrag to run properly. I see from some other questions you have that they are concerning Norton's. I don't know if this is the same machine but if it is then beware! I am not a fan of Norton's and it can be very dangerous. So be cautious if you are running it. I am not looking for points here as yuzh gave you the recommended way and others gave you another option that also should work! :>) Dave
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pallidinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Glenn. No errors came up. I will heed your advice of Safe Mode.
Also, thanks to everyone else for the extra information, very useful.
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