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Can pop up windows be done in PHP?  If so, how?
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No. PHP is processed on the server _BEFORE_ it is sent to the user. New browser windows have to be done with javascript. You can use PHP to print out the javascript for a popup window though, just in case you wanted something in the javascript to be dynamic. Something along the lines of:

$file            = "page.html";
$width           = 500;
$height          = 400;

$js_string       = "<script language='javascript'>\n";
$js_string      .= "<!--\n";
$js_string      .= "var win = window.open('" . $file . "', 'newwin', 'width=" . $width . ",height=" . $height . "');\n";
$js_string      .= "//-->\n";
$js_string      .= "</script>\n";


Let me know if you have any other questions...
Barry why you want do print those statements using PHP ?
I mean you can simply do,

<script language="javascript">

//your php code can go here.


Hi JD...

You don't have to use PHP for this at all. The question was "Can pop up windows be done in PHP?  If so, how?" The question as it is asked makes me assume that he knows HOW to open new windows in Javascript, and is asking if he can do it in PHP as well.

The answer is "No", which I stated. It seemed that ironfingers was asking this for a reason, so I am simply explaining to him that you can use PHP to print out the javascript code to do the new window. You obviously wouldn't use PHP to print out the simple javascript window.open example I gave, but it was simply for example purposes. It is meant to show that you can create dynamic javascript strings for your pages.

If I misunderstood, then I am sorry. You would obviously not use PHP to print out javascript all the time, but there are some cases where it is needed, which is what I was trying to show. I thought that was the question at hand.

Hm..yeah true.

I guess question was asking for clarification

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