Transfering data from laptop to desktop

what's the easyest quickest way to transfer data from a laptop (with parralel, USB, and IRDA ports) to a desktop ?
my laptop is Win2000 and the desktop is WinXP.
I don't have a NIC intalled - and don't want to install a network that require NIC cards.
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First choice.

USB cable.

There are special USB cables out there that will do this.  Usually you buy a software pack that comes with the  cable.

Another alternative is the memory sticks that plug into the USB ports.  Windows recognises them as drives.  This is possibly the best solution.

Contact your local computer dealer and see what they offer.  Memory sticks are pretty cheap at the moment.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
How much data are you talking about?  In order of fastest to slowest: USB, Parallel, IRDA.  

But if you're talking about moving a lot of data, I don't understand your reluctance to get networked.  Desktop network cards capable of 100 Mb (12.5 Megabytes/Sec) are $15.  Notebook NICs I've seen as low as $25 for the same speed.

Consider, if you are copying 100 MB of data regularly, it's going to take USB about 2 minutes to copy it where as a 100 Mb network would take you about 10-15 seconds.
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
A null modem cable, either serial or parallel will allow you to use DCC to transfer stuff between the two computers.  Mind you, this will be slow (40KB/sec), but the cable is cheap at $15.

USB, as mentioned, could be a better choice at 1 MB/sec.  
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Note: File transfer speed is affected by file size and quantity.  If you are copying 200 files, each 500 K it's going to take longer than if you're copying one file of 100 MB - regardless of what method you use.
If it is large data you want to transfer, the best cable would be USB Data Bridge Cable.

Of your pc and laptop has a network card, that would be faster still!!! BP
RaananAuthor Commented:
the trouble is that I want to be able to transfer the data,not only to MY desktop, but to be able to plug in the laptop to any desktop.

I think I'll go with the USB, unless there's a lpug-n-play NIC for desktops that works in USB (but will that work fast enough ?)

BTW, why should USB be so slow ? I know there are ADSL modems on USB, and they are quite fast !
Data transfer from usb is not as fast as the hard disk reading speed. If you are just transfering documents over, this should be the most economical, although you'd have to install the accompanying software on the pc that you want to link to.

Anyway, there is such thing as a usb nic. Compaq(the communication equipment company, not the pc company. Their logo is somewhat like a sun) do sell USB NIC. I'm not certain but i think D-Link does have that also.

The NIC Speed uses the standard 10/100 MBps.
USB NIC is the best way I found of quick easy data transfer, having used one myself.  Also using USB Link, which is as quick as the rest, accuracy is more important than speed in certain circumstances!
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
I think the points should go to dburton.  User indicated interest in his USB cable solution.
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