Have I installed Win 98 twice?

I used my Win 98 CD to try and repair my files and think I have now loaded 2 Operating Systems as old Windows is still there but I get the Welcome to Windows, Connect to Internet Window appearing on start up too, how do I uninstall it if indeed thats what it is.


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Jenn050402Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you only repaired the previous version then you will only have one OS installed. I have done this before. Windows 98 repairs the files by copying some of them and replacing the faulty ones. The Welcome to windows and internet connection windows are appearing because of the new files. When you start the computer and the Welcome to Windows screen appears, select don't display this window at startup from the bottom left-hand corner of the window.
Hope this helps!

Do you have 2 Windows directories?The Welcome to Windows message comes from the Welcome.exe that gets added to your startup.Go to Start>Run and type in msconfig ,then look under the startup tab.Uncheck anything that you do not want to start when you boot your system.
If have only "repaired" your files, then you will only have 1 windows there.

If you have "installed" with your windows Cd into a different directory, you will still have only 1 set of OS there, but the previous installation remains in your harddisk in the old folder and is most probably not useful to you unless you want to tranfer some of the application-specific drivers and windows registry to your new folder.
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frogmella: If you right-click the start button and left-click explore, what do you see under the root of "C" for windows directories?
frogmellaAuthor Commented:
To emery 800, when I do as instructed, all my old windows files and folders are still there, there arent two Windows folders so I guess I'm OK. How can I split points 3 ways ?
you can lower the points here, and then put up a "Points for whoever" posting in this same section. Otherwise, put up a request at the community support forum.
sorry i'm new here..i will make sure i don't make this mistake again.
Thanks for the heads up...no hard feelings...

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frogmella: Good work, it just appeared it installed twice. :>)

 Jenn050402: Definately no hard feelings, we all made the same mistake when we first stated at this site. It is a great site and looking forward to working with you! Enjoy! :>) Dave
frogmellaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all concerned, points have gone to Jenn050402 to get her/him started!
:>) Good Job!
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