I have 4 computers that I want to be connected to the router (Alcatel Speedtouch 512) to use the internet, 1 of the computers will be a server.

1. What IP addresses shall I give the computers?
2. If i give the computers a range of IPs such as to, my internet stops working.
3. I got this information from my ISP:

- Static Ip Addresses:
- Username & Password
- Netmask Address:
- Primary & Secondry DNS IPs: 212.***.**.9, 212.***.**.65.

- And some other information that is not needed.

Now... they told me to set 1 of the computers TCP/IP settings like this:

    Ip address:  213.***.**.182
Netmask address:
Default gateway:  213.***.**.181

   Primary DNS:  212.***.**.9
 Secondary DNS:  212.***.**.65

After I do that my internet works but if I change it in anyway, it stops working.

So what do I need to do?


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mikecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If everything is working and you have assigned your IP addresses to your clients and configured, then the Natting is probably set up properly or you wouldn't be getting to the internet. I would leave the configuration alone on the router since it seems to be working and configure a DNS server for your clients to look at internally if you wish. Your basically finished now. I'm sure however there is some place in the router config that it is specifying the real IP address, but like I said, if it's working, don't mess with it.
What you need to do is set up NAT or network address translation on your router if it supports it. If you have Windows 2000 server, you can also use it to provide NAT for you. I'm going to assume that they gave you 1 live address for your router and 2 addresses for client machines, correct? Does your router support NAT? Do you have Windows 2000 Server?
ahm11Author Commented:
I have windows 2000 advanced server, my router does support NAT and they gave me 2 static addresses, 1 for router and 1 for the machines to share.

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You only need one then. You will give your router one of those static IP addresses. Then you configure NAT on the router to NAT all out going packets from your network. Give all your client's private IP's like and so on, or you can assign them via DHCP. Set DNS up on your server and pass the DNS server address via your DHCP scope to the clients and they will resolve names from your own internal DNS server and be natted out to the internet through the router. All clients default gateway will then be the router. You can then keep a private IP address for later usage if needed. You can give the internal interface on your router, the external interface a live IP to the internet, then set up NAT. On your server you could configure a DHCP scope of thru let's say and you can either give them the IP of your server if your running DNS on it, or, you can pass the ISP's DNS server in the DHCP scope to your clients, however you wish.
ahm11Author Commented:
Ok, so far I have done this:

1. Made all 4 computers including server have an IP with a range of to, the servers IP is

Is that OK?

2. My PAT settings looks like this:

NAPT Settings

 Nr   Type   Inside address   Outside address   Protocol   State  
 1  Template     not specified:80    tcp      NONE
 -  -  -  -  -  -

If this is wrong then this is what it allows me to add:

 -  -  -  -  -  -  
Specify following properties and click 'Apply' to commit.
 NAPT properties:
Protocol: tcp or udp    
 Inside IP: |___________|   Inside Port: |___|
Outside IP: |___________|  Outside Port: |___|
It only allows me to have for this reason:
Using as IP address causes a Template to be created, which will be valid for every one of the Speed Touch's NAPT enabled IP addresses.

What do I have to do now?

Note: I have not used my static ip address yet and the internet works throughout the network.

I hope this makes sense.

ahm11Author Commented:
Ok... but the whole point of my question is that I want people to access my webserver from outside the LAN. But if I trye to view my IP, it does not work. What can I do?
ahm11Author Commented:
Thanks, its working now.

Thanks again

I assume that you figured the rest of it out. Good job sir! If you need help with anything else, let me know.
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