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javascript reset and jsp session.invalidate

THis is a javascripte and JSP question.
I am not sure of the syntax for ending the session on a JSP page, that is form.

That is instead of using a straight reset button, and clearing the form fields, I am trying to end the session using a reset button>

<a href="#" onClick="document.pensionBenefits.reset(); return false"><IMG src="images/butn-reset-e.gif" width="73" tabindex="28" height="18" border="0" alt="Reset" align="bottom" ></a>
1 Solution
you are trying to execute server functionality on the browser, which you cannot do.  You will have to do something like this:

<a href="endMySession.jsp" ><IMG src="images/butn-reset-e.gif" width="73" tabindex="28" height="18" border="0" alt="Reset" align="bottom" ></a>

and the content of endMySession.jsp would be ...


   // here put code to redirect somewhere
schroomAuthor Commented:
Thanks knightEknight ,
I will try what you have posted and get back to you soon.
schroomAuthor Commented:
I tried your suggestion, and it didn't seem to work. The reset button is clicked and the go to the endMySession.jsp, which has the

                     // I just refreshed the page, but he session is still there.

<a href="endMySession.jsp" ><IMG src="images/butn-reset-e.gif" width="73" tabindex="28"  height="18" border="0" alt="Reset" align="bottom" ></a>

Is there a way to clear the session without leaving the page, as they will will what to refill the form after resetting it.
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Try targetting the endMySession.jsp into a hidden frame or sending it to a popup window that displays a confirmation message.

Perhaps you can put some conditional logic at the top of the page--something like:

if request.form("Reset") = "Reset" then
end if

That way, when the user clicks on the reset button, it returns him/her to the same page with the form with a terminated session.

Fritz the Blank
schroomAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your help.

 <a href="endMySession.jsp" ...
where I have the below (added the response stuff, it has cleared the session.
I can then use the referrer to get back to my form.
response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1
response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0
response.setDateHeader ("Expires", 0); //prevents caching at the proxy server
and going to <a href="endMySession.jsp"
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