ipchains firewall and checkpoint

I have found that my ipchains firewall is blocking SecureRemote clients.  I can open the required ports I need to in order to let it through, but I am a bit confused as to what to do about IP Protocol 50.  I guess I am wondering, how do I allow it through an ipchains firewall?

After using a packet sniffer, I can see this traffic (PROTO050), however it does not seem to use a specific port.  In fact both the source and destinations do not include a port number.  I don't quite understand how it exits the computer via TCP/IP without using a port???  I would realy appreciate help as I just don't understand this.
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ipchains -A forward -p 50 -d -i ippp0 -j ACCEPT
ipchains -A forward -p udp -d --dport 500 -i ippp0 -j ACCEPT
# assuming that your SecureRemote clients are at subnet
barthalamuAuthor Commented:
Thank you once again for your help!!
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