Restore user accounts with ArcServe

Good morning.  
I would like to have a copy of security of the users accounts for if I have to install the server from zero.  
For my this is vital for not losing the permitions of the directories and files.

I use as backup software the ArcServe that I have to copy to be able to restore the accounts without necessity of having to make a total backup of everything.  
I have proven to restore alone the folder system32\config and it has not worked.  
Forgive if there are errors, I am using a translator.  
Thank you.
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In NT there a a nmber of security files.

If you run

Rdisk, it creates a backup i\of these files in the \winnt\repair directory.

If you back this up, it contains all the system files.

The originals are normally open all the time. You can search the exact location for each file.

Depending on the software, Most system files are backed up.

I would read the documentation on disaster recovery for your software, and on the MS site.

I hope this helps !
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Create a second domain controller - that can act as a backup for you.
jcalbaAuthor Commented:
Hi leew

That is a solution but not the best because i have only one server for make a backup for 2 servers !!.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
So... a network can have two DCs.  For the longest time, my backup server was also a BDC.  Indeed, in some respects to me, having a [tape] backup server also be a BDC makes perfect sense.

I don't think the SAM database will ever be properly and successfully backed up and restored while that installation of windows is running.  I think your only other option would be to install a second copy of NT, boot to that, and backup the disk, thereby backing up the not-in-use SAM database.  Likewise on the restore.
Using a combination of the repair directory and Arcserve should be sufficient to insure a proper backup of all system files.
Of course the only way to be sure is to do a test !!
The Docs with ArcServe should also have disaster recovery instructions.
I would read these carefully !

I hope this helps !
jcalbaAuthor Commented:
Hello to all.  
I am proving your suggestions of repair disk and neither I have not been lucky, first that I don't have left clear that option has to catch of these:  
- Inspect registry files  
- Inspect startup environment  
- Verify windows Nt system files  
- Inspect boot sector  
Proving that of Verify is that it has begun to copy from the cd of NT and now it no longer starts up!!!.  
I find incredible that an utility doesn't exist to make a copy of security of alone the users.  
Verify NT system files, only comapres the original installed DLL and other files against the ones on your drive.

If I remember correctly, it does not do any data verification, and if you have updated to SP6, the the files have changed.

I hope this helps !

jcalbaAuthor Commented:
Hi , I found the solution but your solution is not the best because with only rdisk the SAM ist not the last , I must use Rdisk /s.

When the server are running is not possible restore a backup SAM , because that , the best solution ist boot the sistem with a boot W98 disk and an utilities for acces in ntfs partitions and replace the SAM with the backup SAM.

Its run perfect.

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