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Visioneer VX & IX scanners and Win XP



I find it interesting that nobody has a answer to my problem. Oh well, I tried. Thank you all for your help.

This issue is very specific and despite what has been said below. I'm still looking for an answer.

I am looking for somebody who has had the following exact experience. I have gotten some replies but of a general nature.

I'm trying to get my Visioneer ix keyboard scanner or the Vx scanner to work in Windows XP with Paperport 7 or later upgrades. I've read some people have been able to get them to work in Win XP and 2000 and in this case it comes real close.

I've tried the Yahoo discussion board and ScanSofts PaperPort WebBoard to no avail. Lots of interesting stuff but not the answer I'm looking for.

It's interesting they will work with Paperport version 4.0 in Win XP just fine, but quit with version 7.0 and above upgrades. It's not so much a driver issue as the scanners drive with the later versions, it seems to be a software conflict issue with Win XP and the later versions of PaperPort. I get the following error message as stated by "James".


Reprint From: "James"

I followed your very clear instructions elsewhere to get my Compaq Scanner Keyboard, (which i love and have loved for some 6 years or so -it's a visioneer vx) going with XP and PP Ver 8. Thus far, i can get the scanning  animation to open when i place a sheet in the scanner, after loading the loader, but it doesn't save to the desktop, giving me instead a tiny error button, with no
title (except "paperport") and a little ok button to close it, without saving the doc. Any ideas?

Much thanks,
jimmy shuman
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1 Solution
1.  Did you use the WinXP Program Compatability
Wizard which is under "Accessories" .

2. There are addition Compatability
support on you WinXP CD

More on compatablility, on the xp cd
compatablity wizard on steroids, with over 200 tweaks

Maybe the following from Microsoft TechNet will be of some help:

The Application Compatibility Toolkit contains
documents and tools to help Microsoft Windows
customers diagnose and resolve application
compatibility issues. These include the Windows
2000 Server and Professional logo documents, the common compatibility issues whitepaper, and
several documents on best testing practices and
tools to help fix compatibility issues. You can find the application compatibility tool kit on


6/13/2002 12:00:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:     smartcomputing@email.smartcomputing.com

Run Old Programs
Windows XP is particularly friendly for most old Windows programs, even some intended for DOS. If you have any difficulty running an old program, try this: Using Windows Explorer, find the program file, right-click it, and select Properties. Click the Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For checkbox. Select the appropriate Windows version for which the program was designed and click the appropriate Display Settings checkbox(es). If you need help, click the Learn More About Program Compatibility link; otherwise, click OK. You should now be able to double-click the program file to run it.

I think you need PP 9 or above for XP
I had to get rid on my scanner, rather than buy paperport again (cheaper to get a new scanner
prolineAuthor Commented:
Return Comments:
LR141: Been there, done that. Doesn't help one bit. Thanks though for the suggestion.

stevenlewis: It's not a PaperPort/XP issue. Paperport works fine, it's the Scanner Driver/Paperport/XP combo that is in conflict. The scanner still works with the later versions of PaperPort and PaperPort still works, it's just that one little area where it scans but won't drop the image onto the PaperPort desktop. That little window pops up and the operation is over.

A very specific problem. Apparantly some people are not experiencing this difficulty and have been able to get those old scanners to work. I should be so lucky.
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I assume you have uninstalled and re-installed the
software to c if that might fix the problem.
I am porbably wasting everyone's time ,but, mayby starting
over by uninstaling and/or removing everything, and start from scratch.
prolineAuthor Commented:
To LR141,

Also been there done that. Many times with many different cominations of upgrades and configurations. Can't recall how many hours have been put into this project. It's a push and shove situation. With perfectly good existing equipment, all that's wanted is to upgrade the operating system but Microsoft is not allowing that. They want to force people into buying new stuff. Personally I think it is a lousy compromise but non the less a situation that has to be lived with under the circumstances. I hate throwing away good equipment but if it's obsolete then so be it. Life is expensive. Go cry the blues as they say.

Right now the machine is running a dual boot situation with XP and ME but I would really like to dump ME.
We had to  dump the old Xerox Mutilfunction PSC as well
as a VC Cam, which we haven't replaced when we got the
new computer with WinXP Home Ed,  but ass far was we
are concerned we are avery happy with XP, unlike 95 and
98, not one BSOD!!!  I realize that it may have been the
some other part of the computer and not the OS, but we
had a lot of trouble with it, unlike the new one.
But I aagree with you Judge Jackson may have been biased, but he was still correct in this assemenent of the situation.
Do you have both drivers installed for both scanners on the XP box? If so read this:

Do you have PP7 sp2 installed: http://knowledgebase.scansoft.com/view.asp?tnID=1496

more links:
Permissions for PP7: http://knowledgebase.scansoft.com/view.asp?tnID=1539

Clean install PP7: http://knowledgebase.scansoft.com/view.asp?tnID=1063

PaperPort 7.0 Deluxe printer drivers not installed on Windows XP when using a USB scanner http://knowledgebase.scansoft.com/view.asp?tnID=449

prolineAuthor Commented:
Feedback for shekerra;

Been there, done that. I've been all over Scansofts and Visioneers web sites trying stuff and most of the XP compatability stuff doesn't help either.

As I've said before, the scanner and PaperPort version 4 work fine with XP and the scanner continues to work with PaperPort 7. It just will not drop the document onto the PaperPort desktop. I'm going to aquire PaperPort 8 or wait until 9 comes out and try again.

Asta CuCommented:
Hopefully you've already been helped by these great experts, but thought this to be of value, if you've not already checked WindowsUpdate.

WindowsUpdate just delivered IE 6 Service Patch 1 which also includes fixes to Outlook Express
The following link shows you the list of fixes included in IE 6 SP1

WindowsUpdate just delivered Windows XP Service Patch 1
This shows you the items/problems fixed in this release.

":0) Asta
No comment has been added lately, so it's time to clean up this TA.
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is:

- update please?
-Proline did you move to a higher version of PP as suggested by stevenlewis?

Please leave any comments here within the
next seven days.


Warm Regards

prolineAuthor Commented:
This question has not been answered. I wish to have it deleted from this posting.
PAQ'd and points refunded


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