Connecting Dell Latitude C600 to a Panasonic TV

I want to connect my Dell Latitude C600 Laptop to a Panasonic TV so that I can view on the big screen and watch DVD movies there. Any help with respect to setup and drivers download information is highly appreciated
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I believe that the only thing required is to make sure the television has an SVideo input and that you have an SVideo cable to plug into the port on your laptop.
Also to add, I beleive that you may need to make sure that you have selected to output to a TV, either in the BIOS or from The Grpahics properties screen
kingno1Author Commented:
Thanks Slink and GoNad,
GoNad, How do I go about selecting to output to a tv from graphics properties. How Can I go there? Are there any drivers and stuff that I need to install?
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On the Dell that I had there was a Function that switched between the different displays.  I believe it was Fn+7.  You should have an indicator printed on the appropriate key.

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kingno1Author Commented:
Yes slink9, its fn+F8 key. But, gonad was talking abt setting in some graphics properties.
That is all that should be required.  You can switch between outputs with that.  It may even automatically recognize it and turn it on when you have the cable plugged in.
Agree with Slink9 ref the toggle switching on the keyboard, I did have a guy that could only access through the ATI software, giving you the abilty to switch settings too.  Right Click on Desktop --> Click Properties -->  Settings --> Advanced --> It should be obvious from there....
It IS through the ATI drivers that you switch between the different devices. In here you can add a keyboard shortcut like CTL+ALT+t for the tv device and the screen will blink and output your movie/screen to the svideo output connector.
To get the sound transferred too, you must have a connecting cable from your headphone port to an input port on the television, as sound is not transferred throught the svideo port.

I'm using it myself on my Dell Lattitude CPxH, and my collegue is using it on a C600.
BTW, i belive the Function Fn+8 only switch between the lcd display and an external monitor, not the svideo device.
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