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Multimedia TUTORIAL on CD !!!

I need to create multimedia TUTORIAL (MS Word) on CD with text, pictures, sound, and mouvies.
I want to do it without instalation needed on user computer.
Can you give me advice, wich comps/packs is the best, and wich format for media (sound, mouvie, pics) to use?
And, of course, some stand-alone database (non BDE, withot installation).
Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
Why not use something such as Flash instead?
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

  the recomnded format for the Mulitmedia files

Sound : MP3
Moive : MPEG
Pic : Jpg

all these format take much smaller size the standard format, and you can use TMediaPlayer for them

about the Database, if you use the ADO techology, you will not need to install BDE, but for some old systems you will need to install the MDAC library, Microsoft it include it with the OS, but not with the old  like win 95, but most of the application install it, like MS Office and IE

about the interface, don't use the standard buttons, make a graphical buttons using photoshop or PSP

there are some components will help you in this, and can give you a wide range of graphical contorls and forms
look at

Best regards
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Do you really need a database?

Surely you can just give all the media files useful names and then load them as needed.
sikiAuthor Commented:
Well, I think is much easyer to do the search and some sort of index to user if I use database (and also maintaining of project). But, maybe it is better to use database for textual things, and to keep reference to other multimedia stuff.
sikiAuthor Commented:
About formats...
It is OK to use MPEG, MP3 and JPEG... Does it need some DLL's, or some other stuff (mp3, mpeg). And I worry about optimized screen captures (remember, it is Word tutorial, not Matrix mouvie :)).
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