telnet on linux

here is a problem i am facing see, see if u can help me......

i had installed linux (red hat 7.0) on a machine and had assigned as ip address to that machine.
  I am not ble to log onto my linux machine from other machine (on
the same network) with Telnet
 but if i write telnet after logging in at linux machine then i am getting login prompt and i am able to login again.
 Xinetd service is running.
 tcp and udp service are also running.
 In /etc/xinetd/telnet file telnet service is enable.
 I am able to ping from linux machine to other PC on the network and vice versa.Ping is working correctly.

If i have to stop and start telnet service manually then how should i proceed.
 How should i proceed

paramjit singh
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It sounds like you have ipchains running to prevent connections from other hosts.  Can you post the results of the following command (as root) :

%> /sbin/ipchains -L
when u telnet from other machine, do u get connected and cant login or u dont get connected at all ?

also check hosts.allow and hosts.deny in addition to smisk's suggestion
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Sounds to me like a PAM issue...  If you check the file located at "/etc/pam.d/login" you should see a line near the top that requires all logins be from a secure terminal (meaning the physical console, IE not remote).  If you either delete or comment out this line you should be able to telnet in.  One other solution would be to use SSH, telnet is very bad since it can easily be compromised by sniffing the passwords...

Here is the line to comment out.

#auth       required    /lib/security/

Hope this helps.

AUthorization for a service like telnet, works in a few steps.
1: tcp level, can a service be connected via the network ?
ipchains or later iptables can be configured in such a way that it does not allow a telnet connection from anywhere but the localhost.
To resolve this, you should check your firewall settings to allow tcp port 23.
ipchains -A -p tcp --destination-port 23 -j ACCEPT
iptables -A -p tcp --dport 23 -j ACCEPT

2: computername, specify the computer wich can connect to the service. This is specified in the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny files.
you can set the hosts.deny file to ALL:ALL. This will deny all systems.
Then, specify in hosts.allow the service:computer
Make sure, the systemname MYSYSTEM is known in /etc/hosts

3: PAM enabled services.
You can setup the telnet service to use PAM authentication, so that numerous settings are checked, before access to the service is allowed.
With PAM you can create a file, with "nontelnet users", wich will give access to the telnet service if the username is not found in the "non telnetusers file".

If this is all correctly implemented, you should be able to connect to the telnet service.
BUT, telnet is nice, but it is a very  dangerous service, whereas usernames and passwords are sent over the line in clear text. ssh is a lot safer methode of having a prompt on the remote machine.

Hope this helps.
are you trying to log in with root?  most (sane) distros disallow you from telneting in directly as root, you must log in as joeuser first, and then su root.
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