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Posted on 2002-07-11
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Does anyone know anything about Version 7.0 besides the hype on the BV site?  Are there any sites using it?  Any info would be appreciated.

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BV 7 is a release of packaged applications, primarily the coming together of B2B & B2C into Commerce.
The idea as I see it, is to sell packages to customers, which will give them functionality out of the box. You stick you;re own logo on the commerce app and away you go. The reality of this may be away from the hype.
BV 7 is not a new release of the 1-2-1 Enterprise server. The current version is still BV 6.0 AG (since AH was withdrawn).
BV 7 gives you high performance apps written in the latest methodologoies.
You can now choose the App server you want, BV 1-2-1 or BEA Weblogic for example. Eventually the whold Interaction Manager engine will disappear and there will be no support for JavaScriptPages with JSPs - you will haves to rewrite to proper JSPs.


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We've installed BV7.0 in on a development site at work and will be rolling it out into production in the next couple months.

There are a few things that we learned about the product that doesn't exactly match up with the marketing information out there.

1) Broadvision 7.0 is actually Broadvision Portal 7.0, which is the new name for InfoExchange Portal.  If you're familiar with that product, you'll see many simularities.

What we learned was that Broadvision 7.0 wasn't a new One-To-One Enterprise engine.  In fact, it comes with One-To-One 6.0 patch AG.  We also use publishing center and was surprise when we received our media that it was Publishing Center 6.0 and not 7.

Even though we were disapointed that the reset of Broadvision was the same version 6, the Portal 7.0 product is really good.  I'll get to more of that later.

2) LDAP support has only been tested with Netscape Directory server product.  We didn't have Netscape Directory Server in house, so although we were told that Broadvision to be made to work with our LDAP server, we tabled the idea of using LDAP with BV7.0

3) Integration with Lotus Notes...We looked at the Notes potlet, but discovered some problems with it.  First, you need to install Domino on your Broadvision server.  Second, you have to configure a common user that everyone will proxy their e-mail and calendar requests through.  Both efforts killed our interest in using the Notes Portlet

4) Because the One-To-One product is virtually unchanged, it turns out that the Staging tool is also unchanged and continues to be one of the biggest frustrations for our team.

Now, that we understoond that BV7.0 was an improvement of the InfoExchange product, we were really impressed with the changes.  Beyond being written in JavaServer Pages, it heavily uses Apache Struts as the MVC.  This has made it relatively easy to modify most of the out of the box application, BVCare, into our corporate portal.  However, we continue to struggle with some modifications.

The Styler Tool is moderately helpful.  It doesn't allow you to modify all of the CCS information.  To modify some things like the background color of the blocks, you have to go into the style.jsp file itself and manually edit the values.  On the whole the Styler Tool is a step in the right direction although only about 33% useful.

The new portal admin tool has been changed slightly.  It still looks basically like the old InfoExchange admin tool, but seems to work better.

Portlets! Portlets! Portlets!  BV7.0 has many new portlets out of the box.  The old InfoExchange tool had a couple, but not these.  The best one in my opinion is the Web Services Portlet.  With it you can very easily point it to a public Webservice address with the WSDL and it leads you through a simple wizard to interface with that Web Service.  Who knows where Web Services will go, but this feature has a lot of potential of not only brining in content from the public, but also being used to integrate internal systems.

We've worked with BV 4.5, 5.5, 6.0 and now 7.0.  BV 7.0 is worth going to if you intend to stick with BV.


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