Disable Pop-up Menu in Browser

How can I disable the pop-up menu in browser when right-clicking the mouse button and pressing the keyboard?

Is there any example (for Netscape and IE) if it is possible?

Thank you very much for the attention.
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dapperryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I asked the same question. Mplunjian answered it for me. His script disables the right mouse click. It doesn't, however, do anything about keyboard hot keys. It will cost you exactly 20 pts to get it:


:) dapperry
How stupid do you believe are experts answering your questions for 20 points and a B and not even worth a feedback from your side :[

>> Thank you very much for the attention.

Thank you very much for your attention.


thanks zvonko.
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My intent was to bump ppk78 to a comment about his/her attitude and so produce some feeling of community here.
But with my emotions I produced again a abandoned question here...

Hello ppk78, it is not only points but the complete attitude to people which you expect to help you. For no one of experts it is a problem to help even for zero points. But looking in your list I see many points which was below 10 (in word ten!!!) points whit no or only arrogant feedback.
And this is your grading list for your micro points: B A A B A B B B B A

Who do you believe are you? A teacher asking the students?
Search for yourself in the repository for your solution. Perhaps you will find beside the code (which for this particular question is not asked for the first time :) also some ideas how to communicate with others granting to you their valuable time.

In hope to any kind of feedback,

PS: I am sure everyone is helped here when we come back with some kind words (...or good jokes :)


now you see what a difference in points offer ppk78.

(Is ppk78 an air gun type from Walther?)

Great job dapperry, you deserve this 20 too :)

Thank you very much for the attention ppk78 :)


Why the C Grade? You may have been bothered by zvonko's comments, but I said nothing rude. If you were asking for me to actually place the code he gave me - I think that that would be unethical. I couldn't post code another expert gave me. Besides zvonko is correct - the question is at least worth 100 pts if you want actual code created for you. I paid 200 pts for it when I first asked for it. So... for a 20 pt question I believe my answer was certainly worth more than a C. I don't give a damn about the pts anway, but the C was undeserved.

:o dapperry
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