.WPS file extension

i recently downloaded a file that has a wps file extenstion  blahblah.wps does anyone know what i need to
open this file or what kind or file is it?
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pjknibbsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a Microsoft Works 2000 document. If you have Microsoft Office installed you should be able to open it using that--otherwise I don't know of any software which will help you read it, sorry.
Ryan_231Author Commented:
so in office xp i can open this using word?
Ryan_231Author Commented:
thanks a lot
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The answer you received from pjknibs is incorrect and incomplete.  The .wps extension identifies a document created by MS Works generally, not merely Works 2000.  Thus, you should be able to open it whereever MS Works is installed.

In the absence of MS Works you can sometimes open the document in MS Word also, but there are numerous variables, including versions of the respective programs, formatting of the document, graphics, etc.

To attempt to open the .wps document in MS Word, left click once on the icon then hold down the shift key and right click the icon.  You will receive a menu which provides the command "Open with . ."  Click that command and scroll through the list to Winword, select it, and try it.  

If you have any other work processing programs installed, e.g., WordPerfect, use the same technique to attempt to open it.

I hope this works for you.

Slimjim: Incomplete I can maybe understand, but incorrect? I said it was a Microsoft Works document which could be opened in Office--note I didn't specify which component of Office could be used to open it. It what way was this incorrect?
Great answers, however just having word of any kind does not mean you can open works files. You may need a converter supplied by Microsoft. for a quick converter down load go to the following site:
guigal: The Works converter is included with Office--it might not be installed by default, but it's certainly there.
Microsoft has a plugin for word: download it and install it, then you can open with word the file, selecting filetype *.* and goto the folder with the file.

Works 6.0 Converter for Works and Word Users

The convertor:

Tested with Off97 and it works.
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