CD Drive Calls all CDs "Audio Disks"

On a new Dell Optiplex 260 with Windows 2000  Professional, after using the CD drive to load a number of programs successfully, it suddently started showing every data CD as an Audio disk, even though there is no audio on it. Also, the Windows CD Player pops up as if to play audio, but of course it can't. Sometimes, but not often, I can click away the Player and then right click on the drive icon and have it allow me to explore the disk's contents.

I had a technicial who is familiar with W2K take a look at it and he has never seen the problem before. After poking around various settings, he was unable to resolve it.  The drive is a reader-writer that came installed, and the machine also has a DVD player drive.

So far, haven't seen any solution in the MS Knowledge Base.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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jatcanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AND, maybe you shuold read this, just in case it applies to you.;en-us;Q322823

AND in case you DON'T have these, you should, download them and install them:

Windows 2000 Service Pack 2: 

Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Service release 1 (Hot Fixes) 

Well, that should get you started.


Maybe you need to open the Device Manager and delete the Drive and then reboot and let Windows reintall the driver.
Could be the device has become faulty. One way to test this is if you have another CD Drive around are can borrow and install it in place of the current on and see what happens. Also the Drive may be a bit dirty. There are CD Drive cleaning kits avaible usually at the local computer shop which may help remedy the problem.
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jajrAuthor Commented:
They're good suggestions.  I'll try them Monday when I'm on site and advise.  Thanks for the quick respone!

-- Jim
In addition, since this drive is under warranty, I would call Dell support and have them suggest some fixes.
It could be a hardware problem in the CD Drive. Have you tried cleaning it ?
have you installed the latest BIOS and drivers from the dell site ?

Have you tried disabling any startup programs in Msconfig - startup Tab. ?

I hope this helps !
Reboot PC
Tap F8 when you see the "Advanced Troubleshooting" message at the bottom of the screen
Choose "safe mode"
Say yes or OK for the "safe mode" message.
On the desktop,
Right-Click My Computer
Left Click Properties
Click Hardware tab
Click Device Manager button(middle)
Click plus sign next to DVD/CD-ROM Drives
Click on First Device Displayed
Click "Actions" mneu at top of window
Click Uninstall
Right Click the first device displayed
Click uninstall
Uninstall the second device (if any)
close device manager
do not reboot.
close system properties
do not reboot

Click on Start
Click on Run
In the "Open" field type REGEDIT
Click on OK
Click on “File” in the menu bar
Click on “Export” from the drop down menu this will open a new box
Click on the down arrow beside “Save In” and select “Local Disk (C:)”
In the File Name field type CDROM.REG
Verify that under the “Export Range”, that the radio button is beside “All”
Click on Save
Click the plus sign (+) beside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Click the plus sign (+) beside System
Click the plus sign (+) beside CurrentControlSet
Click the plus sign (+) beside Control
Click the plus sign (+) beside Class
In the left hand window pane click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} to select that key
In the right hand window pane select the UpperFilters registry key and press the delete key on the keyboard
Confirm with an OK
In the right hand window pane select the LowerFilters registry key and press the delete key on the keyboard
Confirm with an OK
Click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the Registry Editor window to close it.
Reboot PC back into normal mode.


jajrAuthor Commented:
This was a wild one!  We called Dell, and they gave some suggestions, but not helpful.  So a local technician and I finally realized that CD Player Deluxe was "laying claim" to both the CDRW drive and the DVD drive.  Deluxe apparently is part of Windows 2000, as we found it on several other W2K machines. Why they put it in in addition to the regular CD players we don't know.

Anyway, what fixed it finally was changing the way the two drives were working from "Cable Select" to "Master-Slave" if I have the terminology right. In checking the Knowledge Base, it was clear that this CD Player Deluxe has had problems interacting with other player programs, but just what caused it to flare up in this instance is a mystery.  Anyway, it's working OK now.

Thanks to all for pitching in on this one!
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