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Hi, I recently set up a network in my home.

My computer is connected to a cable modem and also connected to the uplink port of a hub.

I have two other computers connected to the hub.  The other computers have access to the Internet and to each other's files as long as file sharing is granted.

My question is, how do I make it so that I do not have to share the entire C drive for one to have access to the other computer?

All my computers belong to the same workgroup so if I create the EXACT same user names on all three computers, shouldn't I be able to access the other computers without having to share the entire C drive?

When I go to Network Places and try and connect into another computer, I am prompted to logon as "ComputerName\Guest" isn't there a way to log on as the other users that I created on that computer?

Am I confusing you people?  If so, I'm sorry, I will rewrite everything if needed.
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what OS's are we talking about? 98 is very differnet from w2k/XP
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Windows 9x & Me don't have any security other than "read only" access.  If you enable sharing on a 9x or Me computer, permitting full access/control, then when any machines accesses that machine, they should just be allowed in.  

Windows 2000, NT, & XP need to have accounts setup on them to allow others access to their files.  if you create the same account names on each machine and set the password to blank on each machine, then they should be able to talk to each other without a problem.

To get 9x and Me machines to talk to 2000/NT/XP machines, log off the 98 machine (Start, shutdown, log out/off) and log in as one of the accounts on the NT/2000/XP machine.  The 9x/Me machine has no idea what that user is, but when you try to talk to the NT/2000/XP machine, it will send the user name and password you logged in with to the it and since the NT/2000/XP machine has a matching account, it will let you in.
nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
Oh I'm sorry I forgot to mention I am using Windows XP.
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nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
I am using the Network Logon where you have to press CTRL-ATL-DEL to log in, that does not allow you to leave blank passwords.

I have the exact same users on all 3 of my computers.  All with Administrator access.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
yes it does - unless someone has changed the settings somewhere.  Somewhere depends on which you are using - NT or 2K
nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
Hi, that link did not fix the problem, my problem is not the firewall.

When I try to connect to my other computers it always trys to connect as a Guest.  When I disable the Guest account, my filesharing is absolutely blocked off.  Even if I go to each user in my all my computers and add them to the member group Guests.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Even if I go to each user in my all my computers and add them to the member group Guests.
Don't add them as guests, add them as users, then give those users permissions to the shares
Is this home or Pro? makes a difference
try enableing/disableing simplified file sharig

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nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
It is Pro.  I gave everyone Administrators rights and it still does not work.

I will try disableing simplifed file sharing and get back to you guys.

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