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Posted on 2002-07-14
Last Modified: 2010-04-04

After I open with word a basic document i wish to add one by one pictures (or document) after the base document text.
The problem is that the pictures i add are always inserting before the original text (top document), and not on the bottom of the document.

I Also want that every picture will stretch as much as possible to the word document width.

how can i fix it ? ?

Here is my code
    WordApp := GetActiveOleObject('Word.Application');
  except on exception do
      WordApp := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');
  WordApp.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture('C:\Backup\First.tif', True,True);
  WordApp.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture('C:\Backup\Second.tif', True,True);

i.e. the document shoud be in that order
1) Original text
2) picture #1 (how to stretch  ?)
2) picture #2
Its look like the cursor is not on the right location (on the top and not on the buttom)

I use delphi 5Pro

thank u
Question by:asi

Expert Comment

ID: 7152749
Hi, Asi

Your code:

  WordApp.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture('C:\Backup\First.tif', True,True);
  WordApp.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture('C:\Backup\Second.tif', True,True);

didnt work for me. In fact, when Im typing the line you gave the system ask for these parameters:

const FileName: WideString; var LinkToFile: OleVariant; var SaveWithDocument: OleVariant;
var Left: OleVariant; Top : OleVariant; var Width: Olevariant; var Height: OleVariant; var Anchor: Olevariant

So i get an error: Types of actual and formal var parameters must be identical.

the method you used (AddPicture) can include the size of the image, Left, Top, Width and Height)

So try something like this:


If you want first to send the cursor to the end of the document (before inserting the images), try the next procedure:

procedure EndCursor;
//send cursor to the end of the active document
   Unidad : OleVariant;
   Extended : OleVariant;
  Unidad := wdStory;
  Extended := Unassigned;

Best regards
Manuel Lopez (lopem)

Author Comment

ID: 7154688

how can i know the page Width  ?

thank u

Expert Comment

ID: 7154721

Its not the page width, is the image width. You can load the picture you want to insert to a delphi image component (jpg and bmp unless you have a custom component to load tif images) and check the top, left, height and width of the image. Having this, you can stretch the image just changing the proper values.

best regards,
manuel Lopez (lopem)

Author Comment

ID: 7154742

yes , but suppose i wish to streach the image to the page width , and i dont know the page width in advance , how can i do that ?

thank u
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 7154959

I found this (from VB for Word97 Help file):


Shapes object: Creates a picture from an existing file. Returns the Shape object that represents the new picture.
InlineShapes object: Creates a picture from an existing file. Returns the InlineShape object that represents the new picture.

Syntax 1

expression.AddPicture(FileName, LinkToFile, SaveWithDocument, Left, Top, Width, Height, Anchor)

Syntax 2

expression.AddPicture(FileName, LinkToFile, SaveWithDocument, Range)

expression   Syntax 1: Required. An expression that returns a Shapes object.

Syntax 2: Required. An expression that returns an InlineShapes object.

FileName   Required String. The file from which the object is to be created. If this argument is omitted, the current folder is used.

LinkToFile   Optional Variant. True to link the picture to the file from which it was created. False to make the picture an independent copy of the file. The default value is False.

SaveWithDocument   Optional Variant. True to save the linked picture with the document. The default value is False.

Left, Top   Optional Variant. The position (in points) of the upper-left corner of the new picture relative to the anchor.

Width, Height   Optional Variant. The width and height of the picture, in points.

Anchor   Optional Variant. The range to which the picture is bound. If Anchor is specified, the anchor is positioned at the beginning of the first paragraph in the anchoring range. If this argument is omitted, however, the anchor is placed automatically and the picture is positioned relative to the top and left edges of the page.

Range   Optional Variant. The range where the picture will be placed in the text. The picture replaces the range, if the range isn't collapsed. If this argument is omitted, the picture is placed automatically.


I also found some way to change the width and height of an active document. I havent tried yet, but I guess you can figure out how it could work (also from the help file):


This example sets the default custom envelope width and height and adds an envelope to the active document.

addr = "Tim O' Brien " & vbCr & "123 Skye St." & vbCr & "Bellevue, WA  98004"
ret = "Dave Edson" & vbCr & "123 West Main" & vbCr & "Seattle, WA  98004"
With ActiveDocument.Envelope
    .DefaultWidth = InchesToPoints(9)
    .DefaultHeight = InchesToPoints(3.85)
End With
ActiveDocument.Envelope.Insert Address:=addr, ReturnAddress:=ret


Other idea is to find out what is the relation between an image loaded to a document and the size of the active document in inches and pixels, so you can have a pretty good idea of what is the maximum size for the picture you want to add.

best regards
Manuel Lopez (Lopem)

Author Comment

ID: 7154997

yes , but suppose i wish to streach the image to the page width , and i dont know the page width in advance , how can i do that ?

thank u

Expert Comment

ID: 7155020
Hi Asi,

I dont know. Sorry. I dont have the last Word reference. Probably there is a way but I dont know how to do that.

best regards,
Manuel Lopez (lopem)

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