Cannot Install Windows 98... CD-Rom will not run ID-10-T Error???

I just picked up a 1997 gateway 233mhz MMX Pentium80MB Ram with 1) 2GB H.D. set as Primary ( Both Hard Drive are Western Digital Caviar's) and 1) 6GB H.D. set as storage and attached to a PCI 33Mhz bus card and plugged into IDE 1... The Cd-Rom Drive is attached with the jumper setting of slave off of the ribbon cable that goes to the 2GB H.D. which according to Fdisk utility and Bios is being treated as the primary IDE drive the DVDRom as slave then the 2GB being reported as secondary IDE drive. The DVD-Rom is a toshiba SDM1001 model (I am pretty sure this is the model it is an older drive not currently listed on their website)

the thing that makes no sense to me is the H.D. being plugged into this card because the harddrive could be plugged direct to the the motherboard so I disconnected the H.D. from the PCI card and plugged direct to the mother board.

I have a Windows 98 Startup Disk. which works fine I was able to Fidsk both drives because the 6GB had been turned into a EXT-DOS drive (I believe this is what it is called) and had 3 logical partitions on it each being 2GB i blew away all the partitions. and formatted the drive and then made a primary dos partition then went to the 2GB H.D. and did the same thing rebooted formatted the drives.

Put in the startup disk rebooted...

It goes through assigning the drive letters Now here is where something weird happens the diskette drive (A: drive ) their is only one of them but is accessible by either typing a: or b: in dos c: is the 2GB H.D. D: is the 6GB H.D. e: becomes the logical RamDrive and then F: or G: becomes the DVD-Rom drive now it assigns the letter Bios detects the CD-Rom drive when it boots it reports the two hard drives and the DVD-Rom drive yet when i type F: it goes to F: in dos but when i try to access the drive by typing DIR or anything it comes up with

CDR101 Error Drive not ready reading drive F:
Abort, Retry, Fail

when I hit try Retry it automatically comes back with the error message it does not attempt to read the drive.
the light on the front of the drive remains amber colored-solid now if I pop out the drive door then hit R for retry it waits until I pop back in the door then the CD is spun the amber light flashes. then the amber light becomes solid the cd stops spinning and the error message comes back

so therefore I cannot install the Windows 98 O.S. at all

I went to and installed the dos based drivers for the DVD rom it does the same thing still. I now have an autoexec.bat File and so forth which was created by the Toshiba dos program. I also tried setting the DVD-Rom drive jumpers as master and another setting which is CSEL i tried all of these master or CSEL does not work only Slave works when set.

So what is the problem here any ideas ? bad drive or am i having ID-10-T Error ?
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Again. If win2k is installed on the 6 GB already, then put the 2 GB instead of the CD-Rom, ( set the jumpers ), and copy your data files to it.

Then you can freely wipe the 6 GB drive ( fdisk, remove all partitons, then create new ones,
Format it , ), and then put the CDrom drive back, and install win98.

Then you can either hook the 2 GB to the PC 133 card permanantly, or again swap the CD ROM and 2 GB drive to copy back the files.

I hope this helps !
You might try cross-posting this in the Hardware forum.
I would try to simplify the setup.

Use only one hard drive, and the DVD drive.

Get the DVD drive to work reading the win98 CD, or pull the drive and put it in a different machine, and copy the \win98 directory ont o the drive.

Then you can install win98 without the CD at all.

It could be the DVD drive is bad.

Also - you mifgt try using that PCI IDE card that came with it.
Perhaps the built in IDE controller has problems.

I hope this helps !

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use one hdd and copy the cdrom setup to the harddrive then setup from taht

Did you READ the post by SysExpert?
Did you try a different disk in the CD-Rom? it sounds like it is trying to read the drive but cannot read the installed CD.
Is this an original CD or a "backup" copy of the OS?
Oh and by the way
" Now here is where something weird happens the diskette drive (A: drive ) their is only one of them but is accessible by either typing a: or b:"

This is normal, you probably just never noticed it before.
You said you removed the IDE cable from the bus card for
the 2.0 gig drive. What about the other drives are they
connected to the on board IDE or are some of them still
connected to the bus card?

If the bus card is not being used it should be removed and
also a setting in bios may have to be set to Disable Bus
Slot IDE.

I am also not clear whether you have both A CD-rom
and a DVDrom or is There Just one CD device?

SysExpert Has A good idea. If you have a regular Cd-rom
I would Use that with the 6.0 gig drive as the master on
IDE1 by itself and the CD-rom drive as the Master on
IDE2 by itself. This will eliminate a lot of conflicts
that occur between drives on the same channel.

Remove the PCI bus card and disable it in bios if it
has that option. Also Make sure that in BIOS both the
Primary and Secondary IDE channels are enabled.

Using the Onboard ide controller see if the bios detects
the full capacity of the 6.0 gig drive. If it does not this
will explain why the PCI IDE bus card was used.

If the full capacity is recognized install Windows 98
under this simple setup(As SysExpert has already suggested). (Assuming you can now accesss the Cd-rom.)

As for the "A" "B" thing this is a bios feature. It lets
you copy one floppy to another using Copy A: B: even though
you only have one physical floppy. This usually can be enabled or diasabled in bios...

You said you installed the dos drivers for the dvd-rom drive. Check that the config.sys statement Device = "Path\driver.sys" points to a valid path and the driver
is there. Also, The autoexec.bat file loads the Mscdex.exe
so this must also be directly reference or in the path in
oredr for the cd to be ready to use in Dos...

Good luck.

Forgot to mention both Config.sys and Autoexec.bat
must have the same unique name for the Cd-rom being setup for instance my dos setup for dos boot is:



briancassinAuthor Commented:
Ok well the problem has gotten worse and before anyone put answers up in here I tried some more stuff on my own...the copy of windows 98 I have is a backup copy (burned) my original retail copy is trashed scratched very bad!!! definately will not work. I red in an online forum that the burned copy of the O.S. will not work because it is 32 bit recorded and therefore dos is only 16 bit and it will not read... here is where it gets worse....

I decided to use the boot diskette I have and then boot it up with another burned copy that was closed... the previous copy the cd was not closed but the session was... i thought maybe this would be a problem but no difference... I used friends PC to do this...

 then I decided to try my Phantasmagoria CD in the DVD-Rom drive to see what it would do the orange light blinked like it always did on the drive spun the CD and then a yellow light came on (hooray first time for this) it was at the F: prompt at the time well here is where it gets bad at the time the DVD rom drive was not screwed in it was just sitting in the bay and when it read the CD it LOCKED completely nothing worked and hitting ctrl,alt,delete resulted in the num lock, cap lock and scroll lock lights to blink simutaneously each time I did it the hard drive was not running or nothing. Well I went to pop the CD out of the drive the drive and ribbon cable banged up against the power supply the CD popped out (no smoke sparks or funny noises)... i hit the reset button the power light on the computer comes on and blinks the processor starts up and the fans but apparently it is no longer reading the 2GB H.D. that is attached apparently something happened to the cable...

I powered off the unit detached the DVD rom drive and the 2GB H.D. from the ribbon cable and pulled the ribbon cable out of IDE1 on the motherboard. I then powered the unit back on and it booted up. But obviously no DVD Rom powered off the unit again used the same cable attached it to the DVD-Rom still working...H.D. is read by the bus master etc... during bootup... but now the 2GB drive was useless... tried swapping the cable over to the 2GB drive now the system was dead again. tried also just dvd-rom then put the cable back the way it was on the 6GB still dead..

I then inspected the cable... the cable had actual holes through it from the solder joints on the backside of the soundcard which the PCI bus master card was sitting right next to it with the connectors on the inside so they butt up against the backside of the soundcard. so this was obviously a bad cable even though it has been working for 3 days.

The other cable does not appear to have any problem with it (the one that goes to the 2GB drive and the DVD originally) however this is one thing that is very odd. the cable has two marks almost like some of the plastic off the ribbon cable is missing across two of the wires but the wires are not bare.....

I am going to try another ribbon cable tonight but is it possible the DVD-Rom blew the cable the cable is just bad on its own or is it the motherboard or the 2GB H.D. the 6GB did not seem to be the problem at all.

I checked the pins in the motherboard on the back of the DVD ROM and on the 2GB H.D. and the 6GB H.D. no pins are bent or missing. there is one final thing I did very stupid the one ribbon cable could fit in either way it did not have a notch at the top so it would fit in either which way I put in in with the red wire on the wrong end and booted up the system the green power light was instantly blinking. (I am assuming this light means no connection between IDE devices and motherboard)  so i do not think it ever tried to boot the H.D. but is it possible I fried it and how do I resolve this problem now replace the cables or is their something more then that ? I am afraid to touch anything else in this I feel it is my fault it is as bad as it is now.   is their any fix or am i SOL ?
Well I think we found out what the original problem was:
"CDR101 Error Drive not ready reading drive F:"
because it was a burned copy and your DVD drive must have trouble reading them.

Now to the new problem at hand, you may have caused some kind of short and may have burned something out, but the only way to know for sure would be to swap some good cables into the computer and try again. while you are at it lets also remove some of the installed devices to make troubleshooting this easier. Remove the sound card, the modem, any network card, ect, leave only the video card, CD-Rom, and HD hooked up then try booting to a bootdisk and see if everything is working at this point.
Since you are using a burnt copy of Windows, I am quite positive you burnt that cd in a Windows only format, never to be accessable from DOS.
Check if your cd is accessable on another system installed with Windows, then try restart to dos and access it. If this fails, you have positively verified this is the problem.
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Welcome, please read the guidelines for an answer as opposed to posting as the answer.
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Opinions should never be posted as a proposed answer, especially when they are wrong. When you "copy" a cd then it should be exactly the same as the CD you copied it from, and if the original CD was readable from DOS then so should the copy.
I am sorry for sending the other one as an answer, it was not intended to be sent as an answer, and will try avoid doing that mistake again.
However, when it comes to the cd-copy it is not specified that the copy was done raw. If the copy was between the dvd and the cd, then some software do burn it in Windows format by default, thus only accessable from Windows.
From the last comment the following line appear:

"I decided to use the boot diskette I have and then boot it up with another burned copy that was closed... the previous copy the cd was not closed but the session was... i thought maybe this would be a problem but no difference... I used friends PC to do this..."

This indicate that he is not copying raw.
Brian I agree with sysexpert... However I would suggest a slightly different approach..Get a spare CD Drive (from a friend or something). Take out the second hard drive and CD/DVD drives.Put the working CD Drive in as a secondary master. Set the computer to boot from the CD in the BIOS. Place the Windows CD in the CD DRIVE and Boot the machine. You "should" now be able to install windows. Once you have windows installed put back in your drives (CD Drive /Hard Drive(6GB)/DVD Drive) one by one setting them up in the BIOS and verifying each is working by booting to windows. I had a similar problem before with an old CD drive that NT did not recognise and managed to get around it like this...

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:

I think even if the CD is recorded in "Windows only" mode as you called it, the ISO9660 format is still there as well as the Joliet (Windows).  A CD-Copy won't change the disc's format, unless you did a drag-and-drop from one CD to another in the burning software, then specifically disabled ISO9660 compatability...

briancassinAuthor Commented:

you are on the most correct track....

I went through removing all of the hardware

the problem appears to be 3 things

1. the IDE 2 port on the motherboard is shot but IDE 1 is OK

2. the DVD-rom drive was so old that it could not read burnt cd's even in windows.

when i replaced it with a more recent CD-Rom drive it read my burnt CD's fine.

3. The Video card is an STB video card with a ISA daugter card the daughter card has a bad chip on it (loose connection) and the STB is on its way out the door tring to run a 200 x 250 animated music video it pixelates bad... and if it is overun too much the system reboots. the connection is bad on this too when you plug it into the PCI slot it makes a cracking sound wiggling the board left to right makes it get a connection and then it works prior to that the monitor gets no signal and the pc does not get past post.

I was able to reinstall the PCI 33Mhz card that runs the 2gb h.d. this card only works if it can write to the drive its not on on board self writing BIOS.

I ended up getting a retail version of windows 2000 professional but I( do not like this O.S. at all I wish I could Install win98 instead is their a way I can copy the files onto my D: drive (the 2g.b. H.D. drive and then format the 6gb h.d. ? and then transfer the files back to the 6GB drive and get it to install windows 98 or is it still not going to work properly ?

Also one thing I do not understand in the Win2k device manager it says unknown device for the sound card the sound card is a ISA slot soundcard however it does work.

Ok, so my first comment was correct.

WIn2k may be missing part of the sound card drivers, I would download them from the Internet.

Yes, you should be able to use the 6 GB drive as the boot drive if the BIOS supports it.
As I mentioned, copy the win09 dolder from the CD to the drive and then run setup.exe.

Th DVD and 6 GB drive should be on the Primary IDE of the motherboard, and you can hook up the 2 GB on the PCI controller later to copy, or to set it as slave - instead of the DVD drive, once you have win98 installed.

I hope this  helps !
If you installed Win2000 onto the HD that you want to install Win98 onto, you would need to format it before you could install Win98. If that HD has the files you are trying to save then unless you installed Win2000 and chose to save the "old" files so it could be uninstalled, then you are SOL.

You can copy the files from the CD over to the HD and install from there but at this point that may not be an option you want to try.

I am assuming you have files on the Win2000 HD you want saved and then install Win98 to use them, if thei is wrong then please explain it again so I fully understand.

You can remove the sound card if it is causing problems until you get everything else done. It sounds like you may need to find out what make and model it is and look for a Win2000 driver if you happen to stay with the Win2000 OS.
briancassinAuthor Commented:
I will get back to you all in a few days right now I don't have the time to go through the latest possible solutions TIA SysExpert & rayt333... and thank you everyone else for your help also it is greatly appreciated... I will get back to this in a few days...
Hello all,
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Thank you
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briancassinAuthor Commented:
SysExpert and rayt333 both of you were on the right track... The computer works but not great... The DVD rom was completely shot. The daughter card to the video card was completely shot causing it not to boot and the regular video card is also shot because when too much video data is present it drops frames etc.. and if I am playing a lot of large screen videos eventually it crashes and reboots itself or it just completely locks up.
briancassinAuthor Commented:
I am going to post in community support for a points split for both of you rayt333 and SysExpert sorry this has been hanging out here so long I get busy with things and forget.
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