Printing high Quality Pictures through Visual Basic

Hi Experts

I have to print jpeg pictures through visual basic. It is printing very fine. But the major prob is when i am printing the image i not getting the quality as i am getting through photoshop. Second problem is that in visual basic the picture size is comming ok but in photoshop it is comming in small size. why it is happening.

Any help will be higly appreciable.

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inthedarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is that you printer can print at a greater definition to your screen. For example you have an image say 800*600 pixels.  Your printer can print at say 800 dots per inch and so could print this picture at a resolution of 6400*4800.  So the Photoshop software has to expand the image from to 480000 to 30720000 pixels. When it does this it uses clever software which kinda generates (guesses) at detail that is not really there.

To improve the way that you VB print routine is working and make sure that you are loading the image with its maximum possible resolution:

So use an image control with the stretch attribute.  Set the image to have the same number of pixels as the print area you wish to fill:

fullwidth = printer.scalewidth-printer.scaleleft
image1.width = fullwidth
image1.height = fullwidth * h/w ' maintain height/width ratio
(where h & w are picture's dimensions)

loveneesh_bansalAuthor Commented:
Hi inthedark

Thanks for your kind reply. But i am not getting what you are saying. Actually i elaborate my proble more. I am trying to generate an Icard system. Here i am using the printer object directly. I am printing 8 records per page with the image of each user. that is 8 images a page. I am resizing my image through photoshop already. But i am not gettign the actual quality. Is there any way to get the same.

With Regards
Lovenesh bansal
In VB, are you using printer.PaintPicture to print yopur images?
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loveneesh_bansalAuthor Commented:
yes i am using printer.PaintPicture. Is there any way that i store my images into the database or the path of the image into the database then call the same through crystal report.

any help

With Regards
loveneesh bansal
You can store your picture in a database using the OLE Object data type.

I think that you can drag this field onto your report, (although I have only printed Images within Access reports, I'm sure it works).

You can experiment by copy/paste a picture into an OLE Object field. You can only vierw the picture if it has been placed on a form.
loveneesh_bansalAuthor Commented:
Hi inthedark

I have done the same thing but not getting the image quality.

loveneesh bansal
Paste the code you are using to print the pircure.
Hi loveneesh_bansal,
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