Setting Up Online Marketing

Our company has put me in charge of developing a program where members can browse a catalog of email advertisements, announcements or postcards which are essentially web pages.
(These emails are not jpegs attachments but rather look and work like regular web pages. You don't have to click on anything to open the web page - the email message and the web page all open automatically when you click on the subject line.)
We also want our members to be able to "load" their own e-mail address databases and be able to send the message to specific groups within their database.
Is there a program or company or something that specializes in managing e-mail address databases while hosting a catalog of e-mail "letters" and send bulk e-mails?
Will this need to built from scratch or is anything out there currently that I have missed that would help me even a little?
i think i need an application that will combine components from a website (catalog of html e-mail) and e-mail database (loaded by individual users) to send out a bulk html e-mail

any and all help greatly appreciated!
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meverestConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i have used an application called "Publication Manager" an australian product, can see it at:

that thing does some amazing things especially the reporting which i really like - i just upload my email lists, including stuff like firstname/lastname company phone/fax etc.  then i can build a html email with various embedded fields like "Dear <<firstname>>" and so on, then broadcast to those email addresses that meet any filters i choose (so i can send just to people in a certain state for example)

then i sit back and watch the reports.  reports are great, the application counts who reads the email, and exactly when.  best of all, if the recipient clicks on a link inside the email, i can see who clicked it and when.

this is good for marketing purposes, because i can sit next to the phone and sort the report top show me all those people in state 'x' who have clicked on a link to (say) 'product Z', and when i click on the email address, i get the details of that user- i just ring the number shown, ask for them by name, and say something like "Hello, i understand that you may be interested in product Z?"

i can say from experience, that this tool is excellent for pre-qualifying potential customers - beats the heck out of the standard cold-calling approach.

so you need a few key features right:

1. Categories of email groups.
2. Users can add themselves to groups.
3. Users can send emails to group.
4. When an email is sent it is stored in a DB that will be indexed, browsable and searchable by others in the group.

Are those the major requirements?

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drgnflygrlAuthor Commented:
The major requirements would be:
> Users to log in under private username and password
> Upload email mailing lists
> Editing capabilities of email mailings lists
> Catalog of email "pieces"
> Something that will access the uploaded email mailing lists to send out the email "pieces"
> Possibly something that tracks the receipt of said email pieces

The problem is that I have no idea how this all works together or what is needed to make it all work together.  Plus, I am sure there are other requirements that are needed to make some of these functions work.
well to do this yourself you need a design a Database structure to store your data.

your basic tables will be:
user table
category table
advertisements/emails table

Now your user table will have membership to category table.
your advertisements/emails table will have membership to both user (user who posted) and category (category email/ad was posted to)

Now when a user register you add them to the user table.  you add to their list of categories when they join a category. (you can do this with an additional table or just a membership list field)

when a user posts a message, it is inserted in to the advertisement/email table and an email is sent out to all the members of that category.

your searchable table will be the emails/advertisements table.

Make sense?

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