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My mom installed some unknown software then uninstalled it. Now when she tried to play Diablo II, she gets a Direct Draw error and can't play the game. she runs on Win98SE.  

Anyone know how to fix this kind of issue?
Reinstall video drivers? D2? Win98SE?
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would first try reinstalling Diablo II.  Then if that does not work try new updated video drivers.  That should fix the issue i would assume.

If not then possibly Win 98SE needs reinstallation
pjknibbsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would say the first thing to try is to reinstall DirectX (which should be available on the Diablo 2 CD), then try video drivers, then reinstall the game, and finally do a complete system reinstall.
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gmichelsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll try that order.
gmichelsAuthor Commented:
I have reason to think it's her video card. I have a fuzzy recall trying to play Diablo II on a machine with that same video card and seeing the same message.

"Error 22: A critical error has occurred while initializing Direct Draw".

The card is a TNT2 Riva M64 (sound right? coming off memory)
I used the latest Detonator drivers but still got this error.  I took out the card and used a VooDoo 3 and it worked fine.

Any insights?

gmichelsAuthor Commented:
I just found out she also has Webshots. Might that take Direct Draw resources to cause this error?
gmichels, I know your problem's already or near to being fixed, but just to let you know Webshots does not really take that much resources, regardless of the computer it's on, so it appears you're right: your video card must have been the culprit.

Thnx for hearing me out and good luck with computers and whatnot.

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