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Dear EE users
Many of you have seen alot of free ebooks that tells how to successfully make business on internet. What i would like to know is why people more than willingly should share this information if these ebooks are for free. Would it relly give me something if i where to start reading ebooks and hoping for success ?

Something else if you read newsgroups like alt.business.blabla i notice that kind of 95% of the posts are banners,ads and commersial spam. A loot of ebooks is telling that this is the way to make money. So is relly people reading all that hmm spam and paying for what the posts shows?

What i would like to know if there is some resources that has been proven making money enough to starting full time internet business with some efforts. What i would like to learn is for example how to make customers intrested and not to scare them away with banners and ads :-). I would also be intrested in starting something new as a hobby for starter and se how it turns. I have some ideas but i don't have energy of doing this alone.

Yours sincerely
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cheekycjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are several things that I have learned over the years.  a few basics:

In newsgroups participate don't just spam.  If you have some info to share do it.  Then you can add your company url as a signature.  But make sure you are really participating to get any kind of results.

As far as e-books go, I have downloaded quite a few.  They never really tell you more than most of the web sites or faqs or newsgroups do so they aren't that great but they do provide a one stop resource to cover the basics.

Search engines are your friends.  There are services like overture, etc that can help you with that.

Recipricating links (to and from other sites) boosts your link popularity and will boost your search engine ranking.

content, content, content.  Not long essays but short and too the point.  People don't read on the web they scan.  so you must be able to get your point across without too many words.

The biggest way that we have gotten new customers is referrals from existing customers.

Those are the basics, that I know of.

Internet businesses just don't boom overnight or even months.  It can take years, patience just like a brick and mortar business.  Also, offline marketing is a great way of building a customer base that is local.

andlaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help. For the moment i'm out of ideas what to ask to learn more. Whats stopping me from doing what i should do about internet business is that i don't know how to express myself and writing in a correct manner so that people gets intrested. I would really like to get tutorials/ebooks about that.

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