Single return address for multiple users


I would like to set up a single return adress for multiple users.

Let me explain in details. I have a domain name, let's say
It is for a hotel. All reception desks should receive the e-mails from I have set up a group (reception) and all participants of this group receive

The problem is that I would like that they issue the mail with the return address as and not ...


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Angelos_LConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to the group's properties in AD, and under security make sure they have 'send as' permission.
when they send an email, they should have the From field visible (in Outlook - view - From: field) and type contact.
Bear in mind thogh, that replies to the emails they send will be delivered to all the members of the group.

lthiryAuthor Commented:
Do we need to do that for each message ?
yeah, you do.
The thing is, you could just set up an account, give them all access to the mailbox and have them use that one while keeping all the mail on your exchange.
But don;t you want them to have their own email address also?
lthiryAuthor Commented:

The people are not working under their names and change from one computer to another without loging on ... I know it is stupid but it is the way they want to have it ...


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