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We have cable internet at home, all my kids have a PC in their room, and would like to have their own connection. (Each room has a cable and telephone outlet.) Presently the modem is in my home-office PC and that is the only source of internet at home. Are there any product(s) that'll make internet available in all the rooms? I've been suggested to buy a router, but that means I have fish wire in all the rooms. Need a better solution.

I've been told that Intel has come up with a unit that goes with main electric board in the bsmt and that'll turn house into "intelligent" house, thus the whole house will be networked....

What about wireless? Does it work in a house? Do you recomment it? Any preferred vendors?

need your help.
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scraig84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, Linksys makes a relatively cheap cable/DSL modem that also serves as a wireless access point.  It will work in a house assuming it is not entirely made of brick.  If you have a lot of plant life in the house you may have some issues as well.  I think Linksys will also sell those routers as kits so that you get a couple of wireless cards as well.  I've set them up in people's houses before and they were quite happy.

Take a look at this:
To be perfectly honest, the best solution is probably exactly what's already been suggested.  Get a router and run the cable.  Here's why.  You can get a router and the cable fairly cheap, and it's not that hard to install.  Wireless probably won't work as well as you'd like in your house because of the walls.  It's really meant for a more open environment.  Besides that, if you do wireless, you still have to run cable to wherever the wireless access points are located.  And, they will have to run back to, you guessed it, your router.  The access points only do bridging, so the router is still going to be needed to connect your home network to the internet.  You'll save a lot of trouble just getting a router to share the internet connection.
I just wanted to add, you could get a cable splitters and split out the cable for the cable modem so you run to each room, however, 99.9% of all cable ISP's limit you to one ip address and sometimes, but not always, it's assigned to you by the MAC address of your network card. Personally, I would do what Scraig84 says and just go wireless if possible.
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Most cable providers give you the box to hook to your PC via e-net. You can then eNet your rooms together.

That said, I concur with edmonds_robert.
LinkSys is inferior product. I have heard too many stories from people who either couldn't get it to work, or how it works one day then fails the next, but they'd need a day or two to troubleshoot... then replace with alt mfr.. other than that (cheap flimsy vendor) I agree that there are many of-the shelf products to build up your own design, but that you'd be running more cable anyways. So you may as well just do it well up front, as if running speakers in every room for the same stereo system.

IMO the WAP stuff is more applicable for when each of your family has a laptop that they like to use in their lap, when in a comfy chair, sofa, bed,, as opposed to desktop that is less mobile. Were your spouse to request ability to use laptop at dinner table, in living room, in bedroom - to carry it around house and still have it networked, then fine, wireless is suited there to maintaining the happy family.
lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with scraig84. I personally use this same Linksys product in my home which is wired for Ethernet in most rooms, (built in 5-port 10/100 switch is nice) but I also like to bring my laptop home with a wireless adapter (access point). It works very well and I share the Internet access with several other PC's (router).
I disagree that running CAT5 is easy.
You cannot split out the cable in front of the cable modem and split the Internet access over another cable outlet.
I disagree with SunBow in that a wireless NIC in your children's PC would work just fine in your application.

My house is all brick (ouside) and lots of greenery inside with absolutely no problems with wireless access anywhere in the house. Even if your kids only get 1Mb access speed vs 11Mb with a strong signal, that is still a heck of a lot better than none, and probably more than adequate since you most likely won't be setting up an intranet with file/print services or be swapping MP3 files between your computer and your kid's computer....

If you want to share your internet access, you have two choices:
1. Buy a router + some way to distribute Ethernet
2. Put two NIC's in your PC and use ICS + run cables to distribute the Ethernet.

#1 is far simpler and the Linksys even provides a DHCP server and basic NAT firewall (although firewall is too strong of a word for it, it does provide some masking or cloaking of your real IP address)

I have no personal experience with the HomeLan and/or other ways to setup a home network using the existing power wires as a distribution medium.

I do agree, however, that you get what you pay for and the Linksys is very inexpensive and support is almost non-existant. Mine has been working for well over a year with no problems yet.
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