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Converting vb codes to C

 Open App.Path & "\test" For Binary Access Read As #1
    lngSize = LOF(1)
    If lngSize <> 204855 Then
      MsgBox "The exe has been tempered. Active failed !", vbInformation, "Error"
      Exit Function
    End If
    Get #1, , arryByte
  Close #1
  arryByte(1001) = arryByte(1001) + 100

  Open App.Path & "\test" For Binary Access Write As #2
    Put #2, , arryByte
  Close #2

Above is my VB codes. Can experts help me out to convert
it into C program ?

Thanks !
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1 Solution
Roshan DavisCommented:
This is a rough work, may be have simple errors,
 Try it

#include <stdio.h>
#include <malloc.h>

void main( void )
   FILE *stream;
   int fhandle;
   int filesize;
   char *pchArrayByte;

   if( (stream = fopen( "test", "r" ))  )
          // get handle to the file and determine file size
          fhandle = fileno(stream);
          filesize = filelength(fhandle);

          if ( 204855 != filesize )
               printf("The exe has been tempered. Active failed !");

          pchArrayByte = (char*)malloc(204855);

          numread = fread( pchArrayByte, sizeof( char ), 204855, stream );


          pchArrayByte[1001] += 100;

          if( (stream = fopen( "test", "w" ))  )
               fwrite( pchArrayByte, sizeof( char ), 204855, stream );

tryforumAuthor Commented:
Let me test it out and will let you know ! Thanks
Roshan DavisCommented:
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