what's the technology used

Today, I came across the following link:

I'm attracted by the technology used that I can click to minimize the block. I think it should be just some dhtml stuff.

But, when I put the mouse to the headline/title of the block, the mouse cursor was changed to a cross cursor, and I seem to be able to drag it over to somewhere.

Is it something like Java's portlet? Any this kind of stuff inside Microsoft's technology. Actually, what kind of technology has been used to build that web page?

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dij8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is just JavaScript and CSS.  It is pretty complicated though.

There are a lot of linked files in the code and a lot is within the page itself.  At a quick glance I couldn't figure out which files you would need but it wouldn't be something you would develop this week. Even if you just borrowed all their script!

I think a great part of their script though is found in http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdn-online/shared/htc/spokeparts.htc
perhaps, microsoft uses their own generator and has built-in/pre-defined scripts for their developers' use.

this can't be done by a single person. i might be wrong but this can't be done in just few days.

aside from css and javascript, probably, they also applied server-side includes and xml.
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