windows 2000 clustering

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     In a traditional cluster environment, one node will be active and the other will be passive. How about if the cluster service is implemented in windows 2000 advance server? can we run different applications on both nodes? Say for example, we want to have a document management system on one node and use the other node as a file server? Please advise.

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mikecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can run separate applications in a Microsoft cluster environment. You can cluster one application on both boxes and connect to one independent of a cluster for file sharing if you wish.
elizatehAuthor Commented:
How do you connect to one independent of a cluster for file sharing?
elizatehAuthor Commented:
May i know that for the clients who wish to access the cluster nodes, what are their OS requirements? Must they be windows2k / xp?
This would be a little long to explain without knowing how clustering works so I have provided a couple of links that will explain everything for you.;en-us;Q259267
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