Backing up on a LAN

I have decided to make a spare pc I have in to a networked backup server. Once finished I should have the following: 4 hard drives (100gb each), and two nic cards. Installed on the backup server will be "netbackup 4.5" from Veritas. my intention is to backup 1 Win2k Adv Server, 2 XP Pro w/s, and my laptop (XP Pro). My reason for 2 nic cards is that i would like only my LAN to beable to access the backup server (I have ADSL on the Win2k Adv Server). While doing this I would like some input if possible. I would like to know if this is a long winded way round, and if you know another way that i could achieve this. Also, I was thinking about putting the ADSL modem on the Backup server, and using one of the nics to isolate the Internet, then the other nic could be used for the backup data to travel back and forth to the machines. Any ideas? and i will explain again if need be  :)
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From the sounds of it your already isolated from the internet if your running ADSL. How is it hooked up? To get the best backup performance it is best to backup to a disk array first and then backup the disk array. In this type of setup, I would put the client on each machine and backup to the server with the most disk space and then back him up to tape. I'm a little confused as to the isolating from the internet thing though. Can you elaborate a little more on that?
mcityAuthor Commented:
Sure. As it stands at the moment, my Internet connection is shared via proxy software which sits on the Win2k Adv server. This is configured as best as it can be, but I do not like the thought that if i get hacked they can then play with my main server and all its configurations. I was thinking about putting the Internet connection on the backup server with a couple of nics (the backup server will have no private files at all) and then isolate the backups from the Internet... I hope this helps a little. I also have a cash issue... I don't have much (RAID etc.)
You won't need any cash, you can stripe the disks using Windows 2K Server. I would take the server that the ADSL connection is currently running thru and leave it alone. Since your using a proxy server, you only have one valid IP available to the internet and all others are static to your network I would assume. You have enough drive space on the new box to facilitate doing backups to the server. If you would like to get anal with it, you can put it on your network, leaving everything as is, and set up a tcp/ip filter in the properties of the network connection to only service requests from the network IP that your using or from the actual IP addresses themselves that will be talking to the server. This way only the machines that you designate can talk to the backup server to backup their data to it leaving it secure.
mcityAuthor Commented:
You are correct, I only have 1 external IP address with is dynamic, and use a DHCP server for my LAN. So you suggest that I should use a disk array on the new box, then back up each box to this array (correct me if i'm wrong). To do this would mean I loss disk space, and my 400 GB space allocation will be almost all taken up immediately with the backups (which will mount to 350 GB). Is there any need to put 2 nics on the backup server?

If your going to back up to the box and it will store all your data, set up a stripe set with parity in Windows 2000, or RAID5, you will lose 1 drive for parity. If your going to put the data on the box temporarily and then back it up to tape, create a RAID1 stripe and you will have 400Gbyte of usable disk space. You would only need to have two network cards in your server if you were going to route or segment your network so this will not be needed. Like I said, for security, you can edit the tcp/ip properties and only allow communication to the server from the boxes on your network and then deny everything else.

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