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Forms_DDL compile package

Posted on 2002-07-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Hi all,
I'm using Forms 4.5, Oracle7 Server Release
I have a Forms application that is supposed to switch
a package in the database from an old version to a new Version and back(if necessary).
There are two files say in directory C:\temp named like
"newVers.sql" and "oldVers.sql"
containing the proper code to create or replace the packages.
I created a Canvas with two buttons each with something like the following code in the WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger:
If I issue the command directly in SQL+, everything works fine so the content of the .sql files is not the problem.
If I press the button in the Forms application I get the error ORA-00900, invalid SQL statement.
Can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong?

thanks in advance
horst borscht
Question by:horstborscht
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ID: 7162015
simple, you can't run a file-script in forms,
but (depending on the content of the file)
you could load it via text_io into a varchr2 variable,
and then try the forms_ddl-call

meikl ;-)


Expert Comment

ID: 7162022
@ is a SQL*Plus command.  It will not work in Forms.  Also, most PL/SQL that you execute through the database will run from the server, so it would be looking for the c: drive on the server.  You need to understand that the SQL*Plus environment is different than the Forms/Server environment.  

I recommend that you store these packages in a database table rather than a file on the c: drive.  When ready to run it, load it from the database table into a variable and then run FORMS_DDL (:variable);

Furthermore, why are you changing a package dynamically?  Wouldn't it be easier to create 2 different packages and then call the one you need rather than having to constantly change the packages out?  You can dynamically call the correct package using FORMS_DDL or EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.

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by:Mark Geerlings
ID: 7163354
Another possibility: use a "host" command from Forms to launch SQL*Plus and pass it the appropriate *.SQL file.
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ID: 7164091
call 'host sqlplus user/password@connect_string @c:\temp\newVers.sql'
NOTE : there are functions to obtain username, password and connect_string you are connected in forms.

Accepted Solution

venkotch earned 200 total points
ID: 7164555
Forms_DDL is a build-in procedeure to execute any DLL statetement. You can have Updates, Deletes, Inserts, Alters, Create objects, Execute etc. in Forms_DDL. With one word Forms_DDL expects SQL language inside - hence '@c:\temp\newVers.sql' doesn't mean anything to forms_ddl. You have several options here to solve your problem.
1) Get the sql you have in the file and put it into the forms_ddl.
Example: if you have in the file:
create or replace view (
curr_date )
as select sysdate from dual;
instead of forms_ddl('@c:\temp\newVers.sql');
forms_ddl('create or replace view ('||
'as select sysdate from dual');

Pay attention that in forms_ddl the semicolumn is missing.
If you need to exec a procedure from Forms_DDL, use begin - end structure - Forms_DDL('begin my_proc; end');

2) the second option is simply to use sqlPlus instead of Forms_DDL. Then you can execute for example plus33w.exe with parameter '@c:\.....'. To do this you can use host() command or dde.App_Begin. Read more about this in forms help. Here is an example:
  AppID := DDE.App_Begin(my_ora_home||'\bin\plus33w.exe @c:\temp\newVers.sql',  DDE.APP_MODE_MINIMIZED);

good luck.

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