Restricting access to a drive

I work in an environment where we do not install CD or floppy drives on our clients workstations.

Domain administrators have floppy drives with floppy drive locks in their machines to prevent unauthorized use.

All CDs are installed in a tower in our server room to prevent unauthorized use but this can be inconvenient for our helpdesk staff.

Is it possible to install a CD drive into a workstation and then restrict access to it so that only domain administrators can make use of it?

We use a range of PCs (P2s, P3s, P4s and Celerons) all running Windows NT 4.0 SP6a.
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Yes you can install a CD Rom with only admin allowed to access the Cd-Rom,

1. Double Click on my computer where the Cd rom is
2. Right click on the cd rom and go to properties
3. Share the CD-Rom with a share name
4. Go to permissions
5. Delete the Everyone group
6. Add the administrators group and give it full control

Now only administrators have control over the cd rom drive.

Try that out
AveryH, did you check out the link I posted.It should accomplish what you are looking for.There is also a link on the page under Related Tweaks that could help.
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AveryHAuthor Commented:
I have not been back to the office since posting the question. I'll be in tomorrow so will be able to try it out then.

AveryHAuthor Commented:
I've just had a chance to try these out.

Reject michaelkong's proposed answer because I know that I can prevent remote access to a shared resource.

As for vinnyd79's suggested link - that too seems to be a solution that will restrict access to administrator's only.

having re-read my question, maybe I didn't phrase it very well:

If it is possible, I need to be able to be able to restrict access on the local machine to people who are members of the administrators group. Remote access by administrators is also required. I want to be able to deny access to anyone not in the administrator's group either locally or remotely.

To restrict access to administrators, take everyone out of the share and just add in the particular users that you do want access to the cd rom drive, then people in the admin group will not have access to the drive. If you want then to have restricted access sitting locally but able to access the drive remotely then I dont think thats possible, I may be wrong though
AveryHAuthor Commented:
While I appreciate the effort people have put in to answer the question, I was not trying to find out if I could restrict access to a shared resource over a network.

Rather I was trying to find out how to restrict access to a volume on a local machine.

I have found a program called DeviceLock that does the job for me. I would delete the question if I knew how.
AveryHAuthor Commented:
DeviceLock can be downloaded from
PAQ'd as AveryH found the answer.

Thanks for publishing the answer AveryH !


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