I have a adsl line with a dial-up modem with USB ports

I have an ADSL line with a dial-up modem with USB ports.  However, I need to connect this modem (Alcatel) to my 4 computer home/office network.  

Does anybody have any recommendations as far as a good recommended setup?  i.e. should I keep this Alcatel USB modem, should I get a 4-port router, should I obtain a different dsl modem with ethernet connections?  Thanks in advance.
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mikecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In this situation if you wanted to use the equipment that you have, you could hook up the connection to a Windows 2000/XP machine and configure it for Internet Connection Sharing. Now, if you decided that you would want to have internet on all the time and you didn't want to rely on connection sharing from another computer then I would recommend getting an ethernet modem and possibly a Linksys router to do NAT on and this will give you full time access to the internet.
4 machines?  You could look into getting an SMC barricade or similar.  The problem with internet connection sharing is that one machine has to be on all the time, plus ut has to do all the proxying and NATing, which is extra work for it.  The Barricade or any other ADSL router would take over this function.

Another bonus is one of noise - having a PC whirring away all day and night is a real irritant.
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